Laptop built-in speaker help. (Popping sound when headphones are plugged in)


Oct 26, 2013


I own this laptop and I dual booted it. The problem started a few months ago, but I just ignored it and used my headphones.

When I boot up my laptop in Windows 10 and my headphones are plugged in, there is a continuous popping sound coming from the built-in speakers, but the audio from the headphones is fine. The popping sound stops when I unplug and plug the headphones in again.

Strangely, the exact same thing happens when I boot into Linux Mint 18.1. When I unplug the headphones, the popping stops, but when I plug my headphones in again the popping continues.

With both operating systems, the popping sound only starts when on the log in screen of both. This leads me to believe that it might be a driver issue and not a hardware issue.

Apart from the popping sound, the speakers do not work properly. When I play any audio the sound phases in and out like if you were to turn the volume on and off periodically.

Is there any way I can fix the speakers? If not, can I eliminate the popping noise at least?

What I have tried:
I tried installing new audio drivers at some point, but I cannot remember which and the problem persisted.

In device manager there are 3 audio devices:

  • 2 x High Definition Audio Device
    1 x NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device(Wave Extensible)(WDM)


Mar 25, 2017
maybe its a problem with the speakers? I think you should open the laptop and see if there is anything wrong with the connection to the speakers. also check the 2 jacks.
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