Laptop confusing problem


Apr 21, 2015
Hello just wondering if anybody cam help me with my problem that ive been trying to fix for weeks now ive search the forums everywhere and cant find anything. I have a advent roma laptop 2000 i think and it was working fine on windows 7 untill one morning i came to turn it on and it doesnt work the blue power light comes on and the fan starts up then it just powers its self off fully(doesnt restart) from reading around i thought it migjt be overheating wich it has done before so i cleaned the fan out and still the same problem occurs. Also from reading around i thought it could be a hard drive problem so I got my old samsung laptop and took both hard drives out of each and swapped them. The samsung hard drive in the advent laptop still brings the no turning on problem and the advent hard drive in the samsung laptop just turns on amd goes to a blue screen after clicking use last known good config i cant really make out what it says because it goes off so quick i think it says something to do with a recent gardwar change ease check for viruses, something like that anyway. I cam currently running win dows memory diagnostics tool on the advent hard drive and waiting results.Also i have ruled out the issue of it being the battery as i jave tried it plugged into the mains.
When the laptop was disassembled and cleaned, was the heatsink removed? If so, was a fresh application of thermal compound applied and all (if any) thermal pads kept in place? It does sound a lot like overheating symptoms.

Swapping hard drives from a different PC doesn't help any since it can't run the OS (hardware/driver differences).

The symptoms may also indicate a blown capacitor (or a few) on the motherboard - another possibility to consider.