Solved! Laptop decision dilemma


Jan 15, 2018
Hello People,

I've decided to sell my desktop and buy a laptop since I currently in need of the mobility,

I've decided to buy used since you can get more bang for your buck and all of my choice has some sort of insurance.

I actually wanted to buy a clevo system but it got sold so here are the alternatives.
Size doesn't matter I wont be carrying it on a daily basis but will move a lot for a few years.

The most expensive:
MSI GT73 Titan for 1500$
gtx 1070
24GB ram
i7 7820HK
120Hz screen
500GB SSD in RAID0 +1 TB HDD

So this one is a beast but and in really good condition too. But If I buy it I basically eat stale bread and tapwater till february... but since it's second hand it wont wait. ( also I live in hungary hard to find good deals there)

The cool one:
Razer blade pro 15 1500$
2 year warranty
1060 max-q
32GB 2666HZ RAM

So this one is new... not even used one so I dont know how it's so cheap.
I really like the looks, its more portable and elegant than the behemot titan, also a tad mor emodern with it's 6 core CPU. However I'm a bit afraid about Razer's quality ( I heard they go wrong a lot of times ) since there are no services in Hungary I think. Bottom line I fear for it's longevity

The CPU:
ROG 702ZC 1370$
Ryzen7 1700
256SSD+1tb HDD
2year+ warranty, almost a new machine.

I always liked this machine, it's unique and the CPU is pretty dope. However its ugly and aside from the processing power and the socketed CPU its nothing special.

The sensible:
ROG G752VS 1200$
About 1,5 year of warranty on it still.... it was bought in march,

This would probably be the most sensible one. This would leave me with enough money in the bank and also it's pretty fast even though the cpu is a bit old. However not sure if its still for sale.. the seller wont answer... need to clarify.

The cheap:
Dell 7577 526$ + the guy buys my PC ( which i'm selling anyway )
gtx 1060 max-q

Its nothing special but I heard really good things about this one. It's supposed to be cool + this has the biggest performance to $ ratio by far. Factory warranty as well.

TBH the two most important things for me are longevity and performance to a degree. the 1060 is kinda enough now but what of it later ?

I'm interested in your opinion guys and what would you choose. Maybe there are some hidden things I dont know about that could be a red flag :)

Thanks! :)



Apr 22, 2018
personally, if i need a laptop that runs for long period, i'll skip the used laptop bcs i didn't know how user previously took care of the laptop. even when its come with a warranty, you'll pay your service if the warranty is expired and i suggest you to get a laptop with a service center nearby so if you accidentally break your laptop, you can bring it to nearest service center.

the 1060 will last 4-5years if you didn't do demanding work

unfortunately, i dont have any experience with these brand so i can't recommend which laptop is the best but as long as you can get your work done, any choice wouldn't hurt :)
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