Laptop equivalent to my desktop

Oct 4, 2018
Let's start with the fact that I'm close to total noob.

My home desktop specs:
Core i5 6600k
16gb ram 2133
Mobo: gigabyte 170x gaming 3
Win 10 pro

I need a laptop which performs similar to the specs above.

I'm gonna use it mostly for MS Office, browsing and connect to remote desktops thru VPN. I would LOVE to have some touchscreen and stylus capabilities for my inner digital artist.

As a comparison, in the office i have a desktop lenovo thinkcentre with a core i5 6500 and 8gb ram and it struggles with some tasks which cause no issues in my home desktop, but i can't tell if it's because of cpu or RAM.



Unless you are not listing everything you do, even a 10 year old system will be perfectly fine doing what you use it for.

You can spend $200 on a laptop like a Lenovo T430s with a solid state drive and 8 GB of RAM and it will run Office and web browsing with no issues. VPN connections are more based on speed to the system.


Office computers often run a lot of extra software, anti-virus, DLP, and have to interface with a domain, and so on. At least they do at my office. But then again, shiny new 8th gen laptop to use for the last several months. Rest of the company is just now getting theirs.

Could do with a laptop with a good keyboard though. Squishy chiclets are the spawn of satan. Can't even swap it out without doing something like a custom bezel. Not that I could.


A mobile CPU that is comparable to the i5-6600k (excluding overclocking) is the 8th gen i5-8300H CPU. Avoid laptops with the i5-8250u or and "u" model CPU for that matter. While the i5-8250u can burst up to 3.4GHz (depending on how many core are being stressed), it is an ultra low voltage CPU that are soldered into laptops with limited cooling capabilities. Under a sustained load tests have shown that the i5-8250u will top out at around 2.5GHz or 2.6GHz to keep the CPU from overheating.

If you are looking for a laptop with a CPU can be overclocked, then be prepared to spend a lot of money. Currently the only 8th Intel mobile CPU that allows for overclocking is the i9-8950HK which has 6 cores and 12 threads. The CPU itself has a recommended selling price of $583 which means that you will only find it in $2,000+ laptops. Expect it to be rather heavy since 6 core produces a lot of heat.
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