Laptop for college


May 8, 2017
Hello guys!
I'm planning to buy myself a laptop in a week or so. I'm currently a student in informatics (and also a gamer). I will mainly use this laptop for programming and some gaming, but coming in the second year, I might be using it for some design. I have a tight budget (around $600) and I don't really know what to choose. Do I need a more powerful processor or a more powerful graphics card? I know that I really need the 8GBs of RAM, but I can't really decide between an i3 6100u with a 950M graphics or an i5/i7 paired with a 940MX graphics.
I found a laptop that would give me a core i5 6300HQ and a GTX 950M, but it has a 1366x768 resolution and I feel it's a bit too small to fit my needs, so the Full HD screen it's what's got me thinking about the other models.
Basically, I just want a laptop that can play Smite and GTA V or some new games on medium at 1080p and compile and run all my programms really fast.
Do you have any more advices that would help me do my job as I should be?


Feb 4, 2015
1366x768 is good on the screen that smaller than 14".
If you're planning to buy a 15" or bigger laptop, I'd consider to avoid 768p or HD screen and go with at least 1600x900, 1920x1080 or above.

Because the screen density (usually in PPI or Pixel Per Inch.) is low. Bigger the screen, lower the resolution means lower PPI and vice versa. the results of having low PPI screen are blurry or fuzzy texts, screen-door effects (where the fine lines separating pixels (or subpixels) become visible in the displayed image.), unsharp picture, and bigger icons or UI that will reduce your user experience. Unless you're Okay with that, then get one of them.

If you're a college student, I'm pretty sure enough that you will spend all your time studying and doing all college chores rather than gaming.

And keep in mind why you're in the college ;) You won't impress your professors with GTA results.
And Alabalcho's statement is correct here, your professor don't care about how fluent your game is running. You will not get better mark by running GTA at steady 60FPS. Also as a student who read and write text a lot, I recommend you to get higher resolution display.

I'd recommend you to buy any 1080p laptop with i7 U series CPU and GTX950M or 940MX.
The i3 U and i5/i7 U only have a slight difference, it's their clock speed and i5 or i7 have turbo boost.
For performance, only small difference between that processor.
All processor is dual-core with HT feature that allows multiprocessing on one core, with HT you get 4 virtual cores (also called threads) on 2 physical cores.

I also a student and a graphic designer, I have ASUS k401uq that has 1080p screen, i7 6500u, 8GB DDR4, and a Nvidia 940MX.
It can handle all task like corel draw and corel photo paint with ease and also occasional BF1 and BFBC2 at medium to high settings to spend my free time.

Just my two cents.
That $600 budget is kind of tight, especially for "gaming" laptop. If you can afford external HD monitor for your main activities, that 1366x768 won't suck that much.
And keep in mind why you're in the college ;) You won't impress your professors with GTA results.
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