Solved! Laptop for Premiere Pro CS4


Nov 6, 2009
I am looking for a laptop that will run Premiere Pro CS4 really good. I was looking at the HP Laptop available at this link.;+II+%20Ultra+Dual-Core+Mobile+Processor/9556296.p?id=1218123847586&skuId=9556296

I cant afford the core i7 laptops at like 1400 + price. Thats why i was looking at the one at the link above. But not sure if the AMD Turion 2 Ultra would be better or the intel core 2 duo would be better. I just want it to be able to run Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and World of warcraft would be great to as a But premiere pro is what i want it to run. My friend has an HP model dv7-1444us with a AMD Turion X2 running vista and it runs it fine just cant capture anything on it is all. Which aint no big deal cause i can capture on my desktop but i want something mobile that will run premiere so i can site at a coffee shop or anywhere and work.