Laptop got extremely hot and it won't turn on

Feb 24, 2018
Today i left my stock asus ROG g751 jy (970m, some i7, 16 gigs, 256 SSD and 1 tb HDD) in my bag while I went on a ~40 min hike. I forgot to turn it off before I left and when I got back to my car the silver part that contains the battery was burning to the touch. It's cooled down now but the left vent has a faint smell of ozone. When I try to turn it on the CD player moves a little and something spins around the top of the keyboard. Anyone know anything that could save me or is it dead?


Dec 17, 2016
Whenever there's a burning smell, do not futz around with it, trying to start up. Take it to the shop and explain about the smell. Something is shorting likely, or overheating and you need someone to take a look at it before more damage occurs.