Laptop Hub Is it Possible?


May 23, 2015
Hey, so I was considering going back to a desktop, but as I built the systems I realized that my laptop really does have all the power I need. So I was looking for an option to basically turn it into a desktop. I came across some Hubs that I believe would allow me to accomplish what Im looking for.

Basically I am looking to hook up 2 24" monitors, my mechanical keyboard and mouse, while being able to easily remove the laptop and take it with me.

This is the laptop I currently have:

Can anyone recommend a hub, or an alternative option that would give me the desktop feel without having to actually cough up the cash to build a new desktop.

(I've considered just trying to sell the laptop, but second hand electronics take such a hit, that I doubt I'd get what I'd really want out of it)
While you can easily get a USB dock for mouse/keyboard ports, and even video, those video ports will be running at a very slow speed compared to the video card speed. You need to have the monitors attached to the laptop. There are not many good docking solutions outside of corporate models, unless you get the newer systems with the external graphics docks that are starting to come out for gaming systems.