Solved! Laptop is overheating on best performance mode & underperforming on better performance mode.

Jun 16, 2019
Sooo, uhh, I've got an issue that I can't resolve at all for some time now..

As you know, in Windows10 there are 3 options for the power mode - best battery life, better performance, and best performance (they can be changed by clicking that little battery icon at the bottom right corner).

If I set it to 'better performance', the games are extremely laggy and unplayable but the temperatures are okay (not higher than 70-75°C when playing).

If i set it to 'best performance', fps on games are great (~200fps on CS:GO) but the temperatures go up to 90-95°C.

This mainly occurs in CS:GO (which doesn't require a powerful pc really) that I mainly play (or at least want to play, but can't cuz of this problem). It's a CPU demanding game though.

I don't want to melt my laptop but I want at least a decent and stable performance (120fps since my monitor is 120hz), what should I do?

Tried editing the power plan and changing CPU's maximum/minimum state percentages but this didn't help at all. Tried changing nvidia settings too. Drivers are up to date.
Any other ideas please?

Though the laptop was bought in December, 2018 and I haven't opened it for cleaning or changed its the thermal paste yet. However, I try to keep my environment always clean so it shouldn't have caught a lot of dust. - May this still be the problem? Maybe the stock thermal paste could have dried out?

The laptop is ASUS GL503GE with i5-8300HQ, 8gb of RAM & 1050ti 4gb.
Trying better thermal paste is a good idea, 95C is pretty high even for a gaming laptop. If the system is in warranty I would check with ASUS first before opening it up to do anything.