Laptop is taking a long time to start up


Sep 24, 2011
Hi, I have an ideapad z575 from lenovo. I came home today and turned on my laptop, but it was taking longer than usual. It was working completely fine yesterday and now all of a sudden it takes a really long time to boot up.

I restarted it twice, both took up to 10+ minutes and wouldn't even past the welcome screen (w7 btw). Then I tried using the startup repair, but then Windows couldn't do anything.

Now I'm trying to see if it'll boot in safemode, but apparently not. Its been stuck on the welcome screen forever now.

Any help before I send it in?
Hi :)

Did you do some WINDOWS UPDATES yesterday ???

There has been a HUGE problem with those...

Look in the Windows 7 forum....LOTS of people with the same problem...

If not, I will help you further when you post back...

All the best Brett :)


Sep 24, 2011

I don't remember doing an update actually, but I'm pretty sure I updated it a few weeks ago. I shut off my laptop at night yesterday as I was gonna go sleep so Windows might've snuck an update while I was in bed. Thanks anyways
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