Question Laptop isn't turning on.

Mar 9, 2020
I am using lenovo IdeapadS145. I updated my bios and when it was installing the laptop just went completely black. Now the power light on the power button blinks and then fan runs for like a second. It's no turning on just repeating this.
And I have to ask, were you updating your BIOS because the manufacture's site stated that your device needed an updated version? Or were you just changing to a newer one by choice?

If it is the latter, then you likely installed one that isn't right for your device and will need to correct this by reinstalling the old one. You can try the following, but there is no guaranty it will actually resolve problem. If not, then you may need to take it to a local tech.

NOTE: If the device is under warranty, then don't use a local tech and don't use the info below (as opening it up could void your warranty). If that is the case, then contact the manufacturer.

Here are a couple of ways you can reset the BIOS.

1. Resetting through CLEAR CMOS Motherboard Jumper

Many motherboards contain a 'jumper' that you can use to clear CMOS settings, if your BIOS is not accessible.

The exact location of the jumper can be found in the motherboard’s (or computer’s) manual. You should check your manual for instructions if you want to use the motherboard jumper.

However, that said, how to do this is quite similar on all computers.

First make sure you have turned the computer's power switch to off, this is to make sure that it is not getting any power at all. Then open the case and locate the jumper. It will be named something like CLEAR CMOS, CLR CMOS, CLEAR, etc., and it will often be near the CMOS battery.

Please be sure you are grounded before you touch the motherboard so you don't damage the motherboard with any static electricity. You will then set the jumper to the "Clear" position. Next you will turn on the computer and then turn it off again. Now set the jumper back to its original position and you should be done.

2. Reseat the CMOS Battery

If by some chance your motherboard doesn't have a "CLEAR CMOS" jumper, you can try to clear its CMOS settings by removing the CMOS battery, and then replacing it.

The CMOS battery provides the power used to save the BIOS settings. This is how your computer knows how much time has passed even when it’s been turned off for a long time. Removing the battery will remove the source of power and clear the settings.

NOTE: Not all motherboards have removable CMOS batteries. If the battery won’t come loose, do not try to force it. You could end up having to replace the motherboard if you do.

As with the jumper change, make sure the computer is completely off and had no connected power. Also make sure you are grounded before you touch the motherboard. Now you want to find the round, flat, silver colored battery on the motherboard. Very carefully remove it. Wait five minutes (or more, but not less) before reseating the battery.
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