Laptop keeps shutting down when i turn it on

Oct 15, 2018
Hello to all the members of this community!

For two weeks now, I'm facing an odd situation on my work laptop. At the end of the day I turn my laptop off and unplug the power cord. The next day when I arrive for work, I turn it on, the bios screen appears, the purple screen appears (i have windows 8), but immediately after this, instead of showing me the welcome message, it says "Shutting off", and shuts down.

I have a hunch where all this is coming from: a month ago i did a system partition resize (i increased it) using Ease Us program. Following that operation, the laptop began to slow down, began to freeze, and I had to turn it off by pressing the switch off button. The few days after, whenever i turned on my laptop, a message saying that my C partition is being scanned for errors was showing in the boot screen. I finally got rid of it when, after another forced restart, the system repair tools scanned and repaired the errors on the disk. But then, I began to experience this shut down problem.

What I tried to do:
- i didn't close the laptop lid, I thought that maybe when shutting down the laptop i was closing the lid before it completely shuts down and forcing it to enter in sleep mode, so when I was turning it on the next day, it would resume the shutting down process. It didn't work.

- left my laptop permanently plugged on to the power cord. It didn't work.

- tried disabling all the startup items. I didn't worked.

I don't know what else to try, since it's my work laptop and I have restrictions. I can't perform a system reinstalation, because I would lose my work emails, and other programs, and reinstalling them again would be difficult. I may try the Refresh mode. (Windows 8 has that function)
Any suggestion is welcomed.

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Work laptop, you don't have an IT department or person that handles things for you? From the sound of things, a clean format of the system to a single partition and clean Windows setup is the best thing as a first try. Past that cold be bad motherboard, RAM issue, drive issue, quite a few things can cause systems to turn off.
Oct 15, 2018
It's a small firm, we don't have an IT department or IT responsible.

I forgot to mention that after the pc shuts down, and I press the laptop's on/off switch again, it boots normally. So, practically the problem is I have to turn on the laptop two times. First time it shuts down, and the second time it boots normally.
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