Laptop Keyboard on older HP

Oct 8, 2018
Hello..... I have a perplexing and infuriating problem with a friends laptop that I am trying to repair. The laptop is an older HP model, HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-n090sa Notebook PC. The laptop was running crazy slow so I suggested changing the hdd for an ssd. I bought the ssd before I realised the laptop does not have a convenient rear hatch to access the hard drive space. So I opened the laptop, including removing the keyboard etc. I installed the cloned hard drive and restarted the laptop, and all appeared well until asked to enter the Windows password which enabled me to realise the keyboard was no longer functioning properly. Some of the keys were not giving any response....... namely 0,9,O,P,L,:,@,spacebar, backspace, and one of 2 other keys around the same area of the keyboard.

So I did some research and tried a few suggested fixs such as powering out before restarting, checking the connections, blowing dust out; none of which worked. Next I ordered a replacement keyboard, which I installed........and yet the problem persists.

I am assuming it is some motherboard issue, but I really am not sure what to do to resolve it and return the laptop back to my buddy. Time and expense were invested, plus I hate to hand him back his laptop, with his problems sorted, yet a new problem present. It seems very strange to me how I could have caused this when I did not remove the motherboard and was pretty careful all round with what I did........

Dang.......Any and all advice greatly appreciated....... Thanks
Oct 8, 2018

Ok so, thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I have checked the keyboard header on the motherboard and I can see absolutely no signs of damage or movement or anything to cause suspicion. I blew it with compressed air to make sure there was no dust, and generally treated it very carefully. And a new keyboard was no solution........ so basically I should give up. Its a decent laptop with windows 10 on it, it has a touchscreen and now with the ssd installed its actually pretty nice to use.......

So you say the header/connector is where the fault must be. Lets suppose, for arguments sake, the fault was not there, where else could is possible be?? It's just I'm gonna feel pretty sick it if can't find some solution.....

Thanks again anyway



Boot off a Linux Live disk, see if the keys work there. You can maybe buy a new keyboard (probably $15-20 on ebay to see if the issue is with the keyboard or the motherboard connector.
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