Discussion Laptop left in sleep mode plugged into power for about 7 days now won't turn on at all

Jan 3, 2022
Laptop left in sleep mode plugged into power for about 7 day’s, now won't turn on, no light’s and is dead, when re-plug in the charger/power adapter, green light goes off Acer Z5WC2. Bought new battery and power adapter in October 2021. Tossed the old battery as it was dead, but have tried both power adapters and they are doing the same thing. Could I have fried my battery or even worse damaged my laptop? I have never been able to run this laptop without a battery being in it, I have alway’s had to have a battery in to power it up.
In sleep mode, the machine is still powered but the processor is pretty much static. RAM must still be refreshed, so it continues to draw some dynamic power. I personally prefer to use hibernation. That writes processor state to the system drive along with the content of DRAM. Takes about 10 seconds longer to shut down and start up. Enabling hibernation is a bit obscure, but dig around and you'll find it. Hibernation draws zero power.

However, there should be no harm in leaving your machine in sleep. If the external power goes away, eventually (in several days) the battery will be drained and the machine will either power off, or enter hibernation if that is set up . Are you sure power was always supplied and not interrupted for a while? Perhaps you have a defective battery (was it an OEM battery?) Being in sleep should not damage anything but maybe it just choose to die at that time. You should be able to run without the battery generally speaking but since you said you can not, I would suspect the battery. Of course you did try holding down the power button to reset the machine.
Jan 3, 2022
Hi, thanks for your quick reply, yes definitely powered on the whole time, we didn't have any power cut's or anything like that. (Unless something happened I wasn't aware of... then what would it have done in that case?) The battery was working fine until this happened, (Bought a new power adapter and battery early October last year, as my laptop would only run on power with the battery in, hmmm strange but yes it won't run at all with no battery in) I use my laptop a lot, but over the holiday's didn't. I have taken the battery out and held the power button down for approx 1 minute, maybe longer to try and drain any remaining power from it, but haven't gone any further, ie taking out RAM etc, as I know really nothing about laptops, but am very familiar with a pc if that makes sense. (Replacing RAM, Video Cards things like that) Maybe a coincidence that the battery died, I don't have another to try unfortunately I threw it away :( Yes I have tried holding the power button down to reset, but the battery is probably flat now maybe? Don't get why when I try to plug in the power adapter that the light on the charger goes out, like it's a safety feature or something, making me wonder if there is something going on within my laptop itself that is blocking the power from coming through. I don't really want to buy another battery incase the laptop is damaged, and the computer techs around here want $70 straight up without looking at it :(
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