Laptop Loses Power at Exactly 30 Minutes of Uptime (Even in BIOS)

Apr 20, 2018
I've made this post before elsewhere so I'm going to repost with more details.
I have an HP Pavilion 17-e112dx laptop running Windows 8.1.

It functions perfectly and runs smooth as butter. No issues at all. However, every 30 minutes on the dot, it shuts off. No shutdown sequence or prompt or error. Just a complete loss of power.

My troubleshooting attempts were as follows:

I've disabled any hibernation and sleep options. All options are set to "Never"

I've left it on without the battery and only with the power cable. I've also left it with just the battery.

I've monitored the internal temperature, and it stayed normal and safe throughout.

I've run a live CD of Ubuntu and left it on there. Still shuts off at 30 minute mark.

I've left it in the BIOS menu after startup. Still the same shutdown after 30 minutes.

I updated every single driver I could find, from chipset to BIOS. No changes.

I've gone through every BIOS setting I have available, and none of the changes I've done have any effect. Interestingly, my BIOS seem to be limited for the end-user. I have no power management options. Just boot order, and fan running settings.

I tried to see if my laptop has the Intel (And McAfee) Anti-Theft that could cause this 30-minute shut down, but I'm unable to install anything to do with the Intel Management Engine, so I guess I don't have it.

I tried switching out my RAM sticks with different, new RAM. No changes.

I'm not sure how to proceed. It doesn't make any sense that this laptop can work perfectly, yet shut off at exactly 30 minutes after being powered on. I've timed it, and it's 30 on the dot, meaning something is timing this somehow.

One thing I should note: Putting it into sleep mode and then waking it up restarts the timer. It shuts off 30 minutes from waking up.

Does anyone have any other ideas? I'd really appreciate it, as I don't want to get rid of a perfectly good laptop.

Apr 20, 2018

Their solution was to replace the motherboard, which in this case would be more expensive than just buying a new laptop. :/

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