laptop not switching to dedicated graphics anymore (fixed)


Jun 19, 2015
Edit: Got it fixed. Either it was the updates that were downloading, or it just sorted itself out, but it works again!

I have a msi gp60 laptop with a gtx950m dedicated graphics card that's just under two months old. It's been working great for the most part, until today, when I started up starcraft 2 and it gave me a low vram error. I tried restarting my laptop, but it just keeps lagging in game. Now everything lags even on the lowest settings. I think it's just not switching to the gtx 950m anymore, because the power button normally turns red when it does, but it just occasionally turns red for a second or two now. I tried setting it from auto to specifically use the gtx when starcraft is running, and tried a few other settings like that too, but nothing has helped. updating everything on this computer as I'm typing this but not feeling too hopeful from what I've read online. Anyone know is there any way to fix this? I spent almost everything I had saved for this. I can't afford to send it in or buy a new computer, and I won't be able to for a long time. Help?


Aug 26, 2015
The first step to try is to perform a System Restore operation to a time before the video card started malfunctioning. To do this, go to Start and type "Create a restore point," then select the first option. Click on "System Restore." Choose a date maybe one or two days ago.

If this fails, try installing the latest version of your GTX 950M graphics drivers here:

Also install the latest Intel HD Graphics drivers. If this fails, you can try the opposite and uninstall the Intel HD Graphics driver in Device Manager.

If none of these solutions work, you may try a fresh installation of your copy of Windows - this will resolve any issues that are software- or driver-related. If this doesn't work either, then it's likely that you have a defective laptop, and should bring it to the nearest MSI service center. If your device is indeed defective, they will repair it for free, as you are definitely still within the warranty period.
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