laptop overheating for no reason

James Obrien

Oct 5, 2013
In case this was one of your solutions, no. I have dusted out my laptop quite a bit.

Okay so I have a 1 year old Alienware M14X R2 gaming laptop. I have been running games like Remember Me, Assassins Creed III, Crysis 2 and Far Cry 3 it has been overheating like crazy I can run a game from 2010 for example and the fans will sky-rocket to it's max like it's at full load the temps range from 60 Celsius and 80 Celsius so I can hardly play games that my system can easily handle. The games run at around about 25 frames per second even if I play for just 10 minutes the fans go crazy. Please help.

I know my GPU is a GT 650m and it's not that high end but it does the trick most of the time.

P.S I have my GT 650m switched on all the time I never rely on my Intel chip.


Jun 6, 2013

dissamble and reapply paste youll need a torx set of screwdrivers and precission screwdrivers mx4 thermal paste and isopropyl alcohol for getting old paste of cpu and heatsinks dont remove any thermal pads if any round the chip just remove dried out paste its probly very gritty now from gaming hard and probly is pathetic paste mx4 has a garantee of 8 years so 2 pea size ammounts on cpu and gpu and spread evenly then lock in place. clean out the fan grill inside and internal fan

how to take apart