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  1. manasan3010

    Computer shutting down frequently

    I have an HPG62 laptop. The problem is when the computer is in idle, temperature is around 65°C - 75°C, when the CPU is in full overload the temperature is still pretty much the same with two or three Celsius different. But the laptop unexpectedly shuts down around this constant temperature with...
  2. Y

    Solved! I have a Asus laptop. When I play a game while charging , it overheats crazily up to 78 to 87 degree celsius!

    I have a Asus laptop. When I play a game while charging , it overheats crazily up to 78 to 87 degree celsius!
  3. C

    Does it show Celsius? It's what the world uses!

    The only country in the whole world that still uses Fahrenheit is the United States. Most of Tom's audience is, of course, in the US. But many people who are not in the US would like to know if products showing temperature will also show the data in Celsius. I live in Canada and we've used...
  4. B

    Solved! Razer Blade 15 hitting 100 degrees Celsius

    This laptop is beautiful, and runs beyond my wildest dreams. But the CPU runs way too hot. It hits around 85 celsius max in stress tests, but in video games it's a lot worse. I run this thing with a laptop cooler, and the CPU hit 100 Celsius during a match of Dota (the whole session lasted an...
  5. A

    Laptop overheating to 97 degree Celsius

    Hello guys. Recently I purchased Asus fx503 gaming laptop with i7 7700hq and GTX 1050 4gb. Today I was playing assassins creed origins on this laptop and the temp raised to 97 degree Celsius. Is this normal for a gaming laptop? Edit 1: laptop starts to thermal throttle in around 90 degrees but...
  6. H

    New gaming laptop reaching 90C and more

    Hey all, I'm having trouble with a new laptop I bought and am in need of some help. I got the Asus FX502VM for school about a week ago , specifically picking out a laptop with the specs needed to play more demanding games. What worries me is how high the laptop gets when actually playing these...
  7. S

    ASUS X555LF Laptop Overheating issue ***URGENT QUERY***

    Hello folks, Please help by replying in this thread whether my ASUS X555LF laptop is overheating or it is okay? In fact, I feel that I never experienced such high temperature compared to the past, although I used it for more than 2 years so far. As per CPUID Hardware monitor, it shows 66-70...
  8. J

    My Alienware 13 r3 overheating

    Hello, I seem to have a problem with my laptop. The cpu hits temps highest at 95 degrees Celsius and an idle of 55, where my gpu hits a cool 60 Celsius high and 50 idle. If this helps, my specs are I7 6700hq 32gb ddr4 Gtx1060 6gb 1tb nvme ssd 1440p screen
  9. A

    MSI GE62VR-7RF issue

    Is the temperature of 65-70 degree Celsius normal for my laptop MSI GE62VR 7RF, while I am just browsing and not doing any heavy processing? I bought my MSI lapotop GE62VR 7RF, 4 months back. For past 1 month I have been noticing 65–70 degree Celsius ideal temperature even while I’m not playing...
  10. G

    Solved! My g751 at 65 degree Celsius

    See what is happening my computer suddenly started having 65degree Celsius to 70 degree on cpu and 55 degree to 60 degree on gpu.this happens after 1 month of gta online .I think the thermal compound has dried maybe not or dust on fan something HELP
  11. chrisswart1489

    High temperatures on new i7 6700HQ laptop

    Hi my laptop isnt even a week old but I am seeing temps of around 90 degrees celsius when gaming (sniper elite 3) my settings is on medium. The highest temp I got was 92 and on idling I get about 34-41 degrees celsius is this normal? My GPU is running at about 78 degrees celsius on gaming and I...
  12. R

    hp pavilion 15 safe temp

    I have hp pavilion 15 core i5 the problem is when im browsing my cpu temp is 65-70 degrees celsius and when i play high games my cpu temp it give me 75-85 degrees celsius and my gpu nvidia gforce 820m the temp is around 80-95 degree celsius those temps is safe or normal for my laptop????????
  13. NeleRS

    Fujitsu-Siemens Board Schematic needed...

    Hello guys, I need board schematics (also boardview if available) for Fujitsu-Siemens (Celsius Mobile Edition H700) Thanks.
  14. D

    Laptop CPU Temperatures!!

    I have a Acer System Aspire VN7-591G, And I dont know if my CPU temperatures are normal because the highest its gone is 99 degrees Celsius and when gaming it usually hovers around 90 degrees celsius. Also its nearly impossible to keep the laptop on your lap because of the heat. I would just like...
  15. A

    Laptop temperature getting hotter with time

    my laptop is an MSI GE72 6QF i had it for like 3 months now and i noticed that as time goes on its temperature gets higher and higher .. like right now when it is idle the gpu would be 45+ degree celsius and the cpu would be 50+ degree celsius and when gaming it used to not pass 70 degree...
  16. M

    My Dell 7559 heating because the fans are never on!

    hey guys, I bought a new Dell 7559 2 weeks ago. Is it normal that the fans are rarely on? Sometime the cpu heats up to 65 degrees Celsius (140 degree Fahrenheit) and they are still not on!!! They turn on only time to time for a short period of time (10-20 seconds). So I tried to download apps...
  17. M

    Substituiting RAM in Fujitsu Celsius H730

    How to get into the hidden two RAM slots of this laptop? I wanted to change the existing 2x4g modules with the 2x8g RAM Modules. Please advice if you could.
  18. M

    my CPU temperature is having a trouble

    http://prntscr.com/b119ba Is my CPU temperature normal? My desktop CPU never reach 45 Celsius degreeemy CPU temperature normal? My desktop CPU never reach 45 Celsius degreee
  19. N

    Icepack under laptop cooling pad decrease temps???

    Hello i have a curious question and concerns about this experiment. living in Australia it can get very hot and dry and i was wondering if placing an ice pack or ice and water under a cooling pad would work. when i mean work, i mean the cooling pad sucking in the cool air and expelling it to...
  20. StormFalcon

    Extreme laptop cooling (0-10 Celsius)

    I am looking to cool my laptop to temps that are at least under room temperature. I thought about using a TEC but it turns out they suck if you are trying to use them with an air cooling system. I don't want to water cool it (water and electronics does not sound good to me) so I can't use a TEC...
  21. P

    I need a HIGH Powered cooling pad for my laptop!

    I've been using my Cooler Master Notepal X Slim for about a month and it broke. It was nice but it wasn't good enough for what i needed though. Link to cooling pad - http://tinyurl.com/zpgdztu I was looking for a REALLY HIGH Powered cooling pad for my laptop. Since my cooling pad broke I've...
  22. L

    Laptop cores reaching 70-80 degrees celsius.

    My laptop cores have been reaching 70-80 degrees Celsius on an Intel B815 dual core processor and its 4 years old, is this a normal temperature for an older laptop?
  23. V

    Is 80 degrees Celsius too hot for my XPS 13 9343?

    Hello, my laptop model is the early 2015 edition of the XPS 13. When I play games, the cpu core temp often hits 79 degrees, and hovers around 70-75 degrees. Is that going to damage my CPU?
  24. RAZER Gamer

    Visual Basic coding for GCSE work

    I have just started my Computer Science GCSE and have learnt the very basics, this work isn't for GCSE but is still being marked. I was wondering if anyone could help me add a loop to this code: Imports System.Console Imports System.Math Module Module1 Private Function CtoF(Celsius As...
  25. BashTheOutstanding

    Do I need a cooling fan for Asus G751JT

    I'm travelling to Nigeria soon, and average high temperatures are 32 degrees Celsius (89.6 Farenheit). do I need a cooling pad, or is the laptop's ventilation and fan enough? I plan on using my laptop for mainly animation and illustration, video editing. occasionally, games.
  26. P

    Brand new laptop 100 degree celsius heating problems when gaming

    Hi. I recently (a week ago) bought this new laptop, for reference: http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/notebooks/proteusII-15/ I am having a very strange problem where both CoreTemp and HWMonitor give me close to 100 degree Celsius readings on my cores as you can see here...
  27. Deanz Tinio

    MSI GS70 Gaming Laptop 81 celsius?

    My laptop is just 2 days old and I bought GTA V on steam and played it online. And I found out my laptop is really really hot! I checked it with CPUIDHW Monitor and the temp was 81 C degrees. Is this safe? Anyway my specs are: Intel Core i7 4700HQ 8GB DDR3, 1TB HDD Nvidia GTX765 2GB DDR5 17.3"...
  28. A

    Extreme High Temperature on HP AMD Laptop (131 Celsius )!!

    First of all Sorry for my english,, Can anyone kindly help me with this problem.. I have HP laptop with AMD A8-4500M APU, Radeon HD Graphics, Usually i am using external keyboard and mouse and put aside the laptop on cooler-pad (cooler-master d lite) and with power cord always (not battery...
  29. K

    Laptop overheating .

    Acer 5750G. Intelo Core i5-2450M. So my laptop was raching up to 100 celsius when playing games and around 60 at celsius. I thought that it was way too high, so I bought some thermal paste and decided to put a fresh layer on. However that didn't really help and now I'm getting 70-80 just by...
  30. blazs91

    ASUS G750JZ cooling issues

    Hi everybody! I've just bought a new ASUS ROG G750JZ notebook. My main concern is its cooling system, because I got 86 Celsius on my graphics card (GTX 880M) while I have been playing Crysis 3. Is it normal? Will it damage my rig on the long run? Can I play hours with this temperature? I'm...
  31. P

    Laptop has been very hot lately. CPU is consistently 90-105 degrees Celsius and isn't due to dust.

    Warning: I am not good with technology lingo so please don't make it too complex. So for a while now, my laptop has been running very hot. 90-105 degrees Celsius when just browsing the internet. If I ever dare attempt to play my video games anymore it usually overheats and shuts down. We...
  32. V

    I want to convert fahrenheit to celsius but when i execute it the answer is weird

    #include <stdio.h> main() { int fh; int cel; fh = 200; cel = 5.0 * (fh-32) / 9.0; printf("your celsius degree is %lf\n", cel); } that is my code
  33. V

    Velocity Micro U450 overheat 96 deg Celsius ULV CPU

    I got Velocity Micro U450 ultrabook (with Core i5 3317U ultra low voltage !!!) seven months ago. Its aluminium so the whole body may get hot. Idle its 50-55 deg, when running a game it gets max 96 deg, so it also affects performance. I think that one of the fans isn't working because the other...
  34. I

    Laptop very hot

    Specs: GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6770m CPU: Intel Core i7-2630QM Temps: Idle = 50-55 degrees celcius medium usuage = 70-75 degrees celcius heavy usuage = 90-95 degrees celcius I bought my HP dv6-6195ca during mid summer 2011 and it idles around 55 degrees celsius.and peaks at a maximum of 95 degrees...
  35. G

    HELP! 140 Celsius overheating/ How do I manually control my fanspeed.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230960 For several months now my laptop regularly shuts off with no warning due to overheating, I might be watching netflix, I might be reading. Usually I am playing a game (I game a lot). Now before I get 600 comments with the word "dust"...
  36. J

    Safe Laptop Temperatures for Gaming

    I recently went through the whole laptop cleaning process because my laptop used to overheat. I managed to fix this issue by cleaning out the laptop, re installing drivers and updates, changing settings, and buying a cooling pad. My laptop doesn't overheat anymore but I keep an eye on the...
  37. m0chil

    Laptop overheating.What am I doing wrong?

    Hello this is my first post at tomshardware so if Im in the wrong forum please correct me :).Okay,my problem here is my laptop is(or I think so)overheating.I just downloaded OpenHardwareMonitor to monitor my temps.After I downloaded it it showed me a CPU temp of over 80 celsius even if I'm not...
  38. Kevin McCutcheon

    CPU and GPU Temp of Gaming Laptop.

    Hey all, my laptop has been overheating a lot lately (Asus G50vt-x1) and I decided to clean it out, replace the fan (it was making noise/struggling) and replace the thermal compound on the CPU, and GPU. I ran the Heaven benchmark for about 15 min and my temps stabilized and was wondering if...
  39. J

    What's a good Celsius temperature at...?

    While gaming? Normal tasks? Such as watch videos, chat, surf the internet... Thanks.
  40. J

    laptop overheating for no reason

    In case this was one of your solutions, no. I have dusted out my laptop quite a bit. Okay so I have a 1 year old Alienware M14X R2 gaming laptop. I have been running games like Remember Me, Assassins Creed III, Crysis 2 and Far Cry 3 it has been overheating like crazy I can run a game from 2010...
  41. M

    Cleaning out laptop's fans

    Hello, I have a laptop that I've currently been using for nearly 2 years. I recently noticed my laptop was getting warm to the touch (warmer than useful AND on the top, not just the bottom as usual). Downloaded CoreTemp, found out my cores (and my gpu) were in the mid-70s Celsius. I installed...
  42. hottsauce

    Normal Temperature?

    Hello, So I have an Acer Aspire (Yeah, I know, I heard it has horrible cooling) and I want to know what's a normal temperature. As of now, currently idle somewhat, it shows 47 degrees Celsius for my CPU and 33 degrees Celsius for my HDD. Is that a normal temperature? And also, when I play FIFA...
  43. kenng

    What does "max" mean on HWMonitor?

    On HWMonitor I see that the max temperature for CPUTIN (Which I also don't know what that is) is getting up to 100 degrees Celsius. What does that mean? Is it actually that hot, or getting that hot? And what is CPUTIN?
  44. J

    Giuve me some c++ code for here

    Prob 1: Accept dollar value and print the equivalent peso value. The program will convert dollar to peso having an exchange rate of 1 to 43.35 Prob.2 Create a program that will accept a temperature in Fahrenheit and print its equivalent temperature in Celsius. The formula for converting...
  45. G

    Is it normal for my laptop to be running this hot?

    Hey everyone. I bought myself a Toshiba Portege M750 convertible tablet laptop last summer. Here are some of the specs: CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 @ 2.53GHz RAM - 4GB (limited to 2.87GB because of the 32-bit limitation) HDD - 320GB 7200RPM GPU - Intel GMA-4500MHD IGPU (only about 70MB to...
  46. TheFoxyBox

    Average Laptop Temp?

    So today my stepmom spilled icing sugar all over our laptop. So opened it up and cleaned it out with an air compressor. It seems to run fine but since I never measured the average temps before this incident, I wanted to be sure they were okay. I know laptop temperatures vary from computer to...
  47. S

    I7-2630QM heat

    Hello all, Whenever I game on my HP DV6, which has got an i7 2630QM and ATI 6770M, it gets to about 80 degrees celsius. Is that considered hot? I have a cooling pad with three fans that I use, and I've limited the processor to 92% so that it doesn't turbo boost and get hotter. The ambient temp...
  48. L

    C++ program

    Hey everyone, I am very confused on why my program is not working. It is suppose to run through a loop give a Fahrenheit Temp 0-20 and displaying the Celsius Temp next to each one. I am suppose to call the Celsius value from a function. Here is what i have: #include <iostream> using namespace...
  49. D


    my laptop runs extreme hot, cpu ides at around 80 Celsius, and after playing a simple game, it goes up to 100 degrees for the gpu. Anyone else have the same problem?
  50. G

    MobileMeter v0.3.1.0

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi All, I have a HP Pavilion zd7010us. I have been using it with no problem for about 7 months. About a week ago, I downloaded MobileMeter. It reports; Frequency 2.66 GHz Temperature 66.00 Celsius Charge Rate...