Nov 20, 2015
I have hp pavilion 15 core i5 the problem is when im browsing my cpu temp is 65-70 degrees
celsius and when i play high games my cpu temp it give me 75-85 degrees celsius and my gpu nvidia gforce 820m the temp is around 80-95 degree celsius those temps is safe or normal for my laptop????????
I would say they are a 'bit' high. Making me wonder if the fans are working well, and if there is dust/debris in the device that needs cleaning out. Also it could be the thermal paste is in need of replacement.

Now, if you have upgraded the devices GPU or other components, that could also be the issue, if it is causing more strain on the laptop components and causing overheating.

If the device is under warranty, then I would contact the manufacturer about a repair or replacement. If it isn't under warranty then either you, or someone you take it to, can look at fixing the mentioned items.

Better to fix anything you can now, before something actually fries.

Also, if nothing mentioned makes it cool down, and you didn't add components that should be removed, then you may want to consider other cooling options.