Safe Laptop Temperatures for Gaming

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Jun 1, 2014
I recently went through the whole laptop cleaning process because my laptop used to overheat. I managed to fix this issue by cleaning out the laptop, re installing drivers and updates, changing settings, and buying a cooling pad.

My laptop doesn't overheat anymore but I keep an eye on the temperatures and I just wanted to know if these are normal.

High Performance Power Plan: Laptop idle: around 42 degrees Celsius.
Laptop when gaming: around 62 degrees Celsius.

Balanced Power Plan: Idle: around 39 degrees Celsius.

Laptop gaming: around 57 degrees Celsius.

I was just wondering if these temperatures are alright because I don't want to run into another overheating issue in the future. Thanks


what are the temps when its overheating. And when you mean overheating do you mean like the comp shuts down?
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