Laptop powered on but dint show any display on the screen, not even black light


Jun 5, 2016
I had an issue on my laptop that a laptop wont turn on (it turned on but couldn't get into bios and windows), no display on the screen not even a black lights. Its been a week that the problem still stick on to my laptop. It do happened once, but it started to running well after a few try of turn it shutdown by helding a power button for a second to do forced shutdown when the laptop goes problem...

I even tried to make it to 'sleep mode' instead of shutting it down so it dint much bother me when i wanted to use the laptop.

So, everyday i used this method until an update recuess that came across to order me to restart the laptop so the installation may run completely... After it restarted, it run really well as usually. So i thought that the problem maybe resolved... so i went to shut it down.

But the laptop wont even start another day after the update. Tried the same method, spended about a day but shows nothing. To me, it shows nothing to do with the screen, battery adapter, hdd or any other hardware.

Here what its look like when i try to turn the laptop back on:
Press the power button, show nothing on the display screen but the indicator light up on Power, but only like a second on the led lights at the sight that looks like trash can, it lighted up after a flash on led lights on the sight of airplane mode...

Asus notebook A555LD
Windows 8.1 (upgraded to windows 10)
Intel hd (not really sure about this graphic card)
Nvidia 820m 2gb
4 gb ram (added 2 gb) = 6gb equal