Laptop random shutdown(as in losing power, not the normal shutdown)


Jan 26, 2015
Hello guys, I have an Acer Aspire 4752G and these are the issues I'm having:

In the last two months or so, my laptop have been having these random auto shutdowns. Not the one where it displays "windows is shutting down" but instead it will just suddenly lose power. After a few seconds, it will automatically reboot with the usual "start windows normally" etc etc options. Also, the automatic reboot only happens if the AC adapter is plugged in.

These are more frequent when I was connected to the internet, when I'm not it usually happened just once per day. Also, it only happens when I'm doing something, when I just leave it be, it won't happen.

In the early stage of this problem, I can still turn on my laptop on battery but from last week, I can no longer turn on my laptop without using the adapter. The battery is also in a constant state of "plugged in, not charging" when I look at the battery icon.

Now, coincidentally with the death of the battery(I assume it's practically dead, please correct me if I'm wrong) I am no longer experiencing these auto shutdowns. But I can't conclude anything because it's just been 3-4 days since.

What could be the reasons of these issues? Is it the battery itself or some kind of power ic problem?

I don't actually need the battery to use this laptop so I don't want to risk sending it for repair and let them mess with the motherboard if it's not really necessary.

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help.
- First is to do a hard reboot, remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter then press and hold the power button for 20 seconds then boot it up with the AC adapter connected as well and see if it will still shutdown by itself again.
- If the same problem will persist, do test the AC adapter if it's supplying enough voltage to power the laptop.
- Remove the battery off the laptop then connect the AC adapter then see if it will boot up normally or will stay on once it's on the desktop screen.
- If the laptop will not boot up with just the AC adapter connected, try a different AC adapter that has the same voltage and see if it will work or not.
- If a different AC adapter will work that means the problem is the AC adapter of your laptop itself.
- But if the laptop will not boot up still using a different AC adapter that means the problem is within the motherboard.
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