laptop randomly reboots with hard drive click


Oct 8, 2016
Having an issue with my laptop. Let me start from the beginning.

At first the laptop would be working fine and randomly I would hear a clicking sound coming from the hard drive followed by a restart. It would do it at random time, sometimes before Windows even boots, sometime during gaming, sometimes just for no reason idling.

So my initial thought was bad hard drive, bought a new one reinstalled window and thought the problem would be solved. Nope new hard drive and the issue still persist, though it's more often now. I hear a faint click in the hard drive bay ( I assume it's the sound of the hard drive shutting down ) and the computer restarts.

Heat isn't the issue, I've checked and sometimes it happened literally a second after I turn it on before anything get the chance to heat up.

I thought power supply might be the issue but the problem persists when the computer is unplugged and on battery.

I tried opening up the computer to dust it ( I've worked with computers all my life and took all necessary precautions, static band, etc ) and I tried using different ram and using one stick at a time. No luck.

It actually seems the problem is getting worst, at first I could go all day and it would maybe do it 4-5 times but I would still be able to get it running long enough to do my work or play a game. Now it is happening literally all the time.

Computer boots to Windows, login, and click, restarts, gets to bios boot screen, click, restart, click, restart, boots all the way to Windows again, click restart :/

No BSOD, no dumps or errors, I was really thinking it was a bad hard drive but nope :/

Edit 1: the only thing I can think of (at least when compared to troubleshooting desktop computers) is a bad power supply not pushing enough power to the system, but it's a laptop and has a battery so I don't think that would be the issue. I did notice a couple of times the screen would dim (like it was just unplugged) for no reason. But if the power supply was going bad wouldn't the battery just kick in and provide power when the PSU fails?

Edit 2: So i tried different hard-drives no luck. I started removing item from the laptop one by one to see if something specific was causing the issue. Not sure if I found it or not but currently i have the CD-ROM drive and the battery removed and it has been running for 2 days straight with no restarts, havnt tried doing anything taxing on it yet (play games or anything). Probably a bad motherboard but its promising so far. I'll try and stress test it with a game and see if that triggers a restart but its progress. Not sure why the CDROM drive or battery would cause it to constantly reset.

Will keep testing but so far its looking good.


Jul 30, 2014
Hi there Zargeant,

I believe it may be a good idea to back up the data stored on the drive, until you sort this out.
After that, even though you've got a new drive, it may be a good idea to test it and see if it is in a healthy state:

In case the drive is in a good shape, I believe you may need to take the laptop to a repair shop. Could be something related to the MOBO.

D_KnoW_WD :)


Oct 8, 2016

Tried using other hard-drives, im convinced its not a hard-drive issue probably the motherboard. Ive made progress though so far by removing items from the laptop one by one and testing it out. Currently I have the battery removed and the CDROM drive removed and it has run for 2 days straight no restarts (though i have yet to stress the system with anything other then internet browsing) I will keep testing =\
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