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  1. T

    my laptop keeps rebooting nonstop.

    My asus laptop is in a reboot loop because I changed the OS. I can't go into safe mode.
  2. A

    Can someone help me with a screen?

    Holding my volume up button after I've released the power button. I got a banner header that reads REBOOT INTO ANDROID, ETM TOOL V1 01. There's a small Japanese enscrition box to the right. Blue and yellow line divider under statement. If I touch it with my finger it disappears. Using...
  3. K

    Asus laptop keeps resetting

    Hello, it was all working fine until today - I went for a car ride with the laptop running onthe passenger's seat, all fine, though I did use it (by resuming Windows on it) past its low-battery hibernations twice. Got home, went inside and plugged it in to the charger; tried to start it and...
  4. D

    Bootloop on Selfbuilt Win 7 PC

    Hey guys, I've built a PC mainly out of new parts. The only thing I've done is take the HDD and RAM from my old PC. Now that everything is done being put together I've done as the motherboard manual requests to put in and start the driver installation disk. After that I get a menu to create a...
  5. M

    Acer laptop has trouble booting.

    I need some help troubleshooting. I think it is a hardware problem. Here is what happened. I have an Acer M5-583P-5859. My little cousin had a remote controller in his hand and I had my laptop open. One thing leads to another and he ends up throwing the controller fairly hard on my laptop...
  6. Z

    laptop randomly reboots with hard drive click

    Having an issue with my laptop. Let me start from the beginning. At first the laptop would be working fine and randomly I would hear a clicking sound coming from the hard drive followed by a restart. It would do it at random time, sometimes before Windows even boots, sometime during gaming...
  7. A

    Laptop recovery mood (won't start)

    Hi, My Dell laptop will start up, go into recovery mode, it will go trough recovery mode and then say that it couldn't find the problem and that I should try.... I tried all the things in the list and the laptop just reboots and the whole thing happens again. Help please! Thanks in advance!
  8. Seraphine-x

    PC keeps rebooting

    PROBLEM: pc keeps rebooting PC reboots, a while after start up. Rebooted when entering safe mode with networking, rebooted when entering window repair mode. Reboots in safe mode w networking Managed to get into safe mode w networking, tried to attempt solution from this video...
  9. vorneus

    ASUS X201E constant reboot loop at POST.

    Hi guys, I have an ASUS X201E laptop which is about 6 months old and I've hardly used. I bought it as a refurb and reinstalled it (it came with Windows 8) with Windows 7, which itself was a task getting UEFI to play nicely with USB installation media, but anyway. I ran a full day of load...
  10. A

    Laptop starts but the screen remains black

    Hello! As the title says laptop starts up but there is nothing on screen...the weird thing is that sometimes it actually decides to show something like the pic below after the Compaq logo then it just froze there. then after each reboot screen remained black. what...
  11. W

    Acer Aspire 5570z wont boot into windows No OS Bootloop

    I was given an Acer Aspire and at first, it would not power on.... I got just a solid yellow light and nothing else... I did some research and only thing I could come up with was It may have been due to the build up of static electricity. The solution was to, forgive me if I'm not exact on the...
  12. M

    My toshiba was working fine then all of a sudden it froze.

    My toshiba was working fine until it crashed. Before it crashed I was surfing the web but i have webroot and its previous scan from that day said there was no viruses. When all of a sudden google chrome stopped responding and it froze eventually the computer restarted. When it turned back on it...
  13. Myntekt

    Moto G Constant reboot

    Hello. I got myself a moto g about a week ago on and since I first turned it on it keeps rebooting alone. At first I thought it was because it came with not up to date software and it was updating and it had to reboot to save changes or whatever, but it kept doing it after...
  14. I

    HP Laptop Constant Reboot

    Hello- I have an HP Pavilion G6 laptop that is constantly rebooting. It reboots at different intervals during the start up process, sometimes at a black screen wherei t is asking me whether I would like to boot into Windows 7, or launch Windows System Repair, sometimes at the Windows 7 loading...