Laptop recently shutting down on low battery

Jan 30, 2017
My Acer Aspire V (Windows 8) used to show two notifications when the battery was at 10% and 7%. Recently it started just shutting down without warning. It won't turn on until I plug in the laptop, and then the battery shows 14%-18%.
Is the battery beginning to deteriorate?
Or is my laptop overheating? The fan has a tendency to run really fast and loud. I'm not sure which of these two problems could be ..... the problem!


Dec 20, 2015
Based on your description of the issue, the problem seems to lie within the Battery of the laptop. There are cases where the fan could cause a concern but not in this case. Acer batteries tend to give that specific problem.

Replace the laptop battery and you should be fine.
Jan 30, 2017

Thank you for your response! Unfortunately, however, this laptop does not have a removable battery! Would it still be able to get fixed / changed?
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