Laptop Resell Value?


Oct 19, 2012
Hello, I am planning to resell my Asus N53SV-XV1 I purchased

i7 Sandy Bridge 2630Qm
upgraded to 12gbs of Ram ddr3 1333mhz
Nvidia Gt540m
15.6 Inch 1080p LED
500gb 7200rpm HDD

I was thinking of asking for around 400$ but idk. I bought it for 1300$ back when it was brand new last April 2011
It's a good price. Are you simply listing it on a "for sale" site, or do you plan on auctioning it?

Do you have an extended warranty on it and can it be transferred to the new owner? If so then it can increase the value a little, but more importantly it can attract more potential buyers.