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  1. G

    Laptop CPU upgrade from Sandy to Ivy

    Hello there! My laptop is Acer 4749z. Its original CPU is Pentium B960 and i have upgraded it to Core i7 2620M. It runs very well, there is no problem. But one day i recognized that i could upgrade my desktop from a Sandy Bridge CPU to an Ivy one. So can i upgrade my laptop like that? Thanks...
  2. P

    Help in upgrading BIOS Toshiba Satellite L745

    I have the old Toshiba Satellite L745, with Sandy Bridge CPU. I want to update my BIOS since the newer version according to the site bring out cooling improvement. here comes the problem My model number is PSK10L - xxxx, yet the available model number are : PSK0YC - xxx,, S24110 , etc. None...
  3. B

    eGPU Setup for Acer 4750g

    Hi guys, I have a Acer 4750 G with 14 inch monitor, Core i5-2410M sandy bridge processor, 6 GB(Standard 2GB+4GB) RAM, and GPU Nvidia GT 540M that I can't use it anymore. So i'm interested to making a external GPU for my laptop, overall i'm pretty understand about the setup of eGPU. But i'm...
  4. B

    About to make a purchase for VR. Would you do anything different?

    Hello! Seems this forum is filled with questions like these, so I will make mine as short and simple as possible. I just played ONWARD for the first time over the weekend with my HTC VIVE. It blew me away, and made me realize how badly I need to upgrade my CPU at the same time. I currently...
  5. A

    Asus X54H upgrade cpu

    Hi guys, I'm have a Asus X54H with mainboard K54L sandy bridge HM65. can i trying to upgrade my cpu (intel pentium B980 socket 988B rPGA)??? anyone can help me? thanks
  6. TechyInAZ

    Notebook Battery Dies at 48%

    I have a 3-4 year old Gigabyte Q2532N with a Sandy Bridge i5-2410M. The 8 cell battery inside it used to work extremely well. However, now i'm having reading issues in the OS. When ever the battery (according to the OS, which would be windows 7/8/8.1/10) reaches around 48% it will die. Why...
  7. F

    Macbook Pro 15 (2011) $500 vs Macbook Pro Retina (2015) $2500

    Hi there! i currently use a dell laptop from 2012 with 8gb ram, dual core i5 3210, gt 630m and samsung evo 840 ssd. this plays games alright and i have been doing a lot more media production work lately. so far this laptop handles photoshop just fine and its an excellent laptop for overall use...
  8. J

    Upgrade Acer E1-431

    Hi, I have an Acer E1-431 with CPU Intel Sandy Bridge B960 (2,2 GHz, 2MB L3 Cache, Socket 988B rPGA), MotherBoard EA40_HC chipset Intel Sandy Bridge HM77. I have just changed its old HDD to a SDD Crucial MX100 512Gb. I see that my CPU is now laging and I was wondering to upgrade it to a Core...
  9. J

    Best Bestbuy thin-ish gaming laptop?

    Hi, i am looking for an laptop replacment that is somewhat thin and has an good i7 CPU and good GPU. Please help! Budget ($1400 MAX) Battery 5hrs + Good build quality 1080p is an must.
  10. Vitric9

    need advice for guying a new or used laptop...

    I am looking for a laptop mostly for school and working. I would like An Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 sandy bridge and up. If used i might get a core 2 duo but it really depends on the specs and price. So far I have hit a wall and the Prices on Used laptops are so high and if buying anothers used...
  11. dwisen

    Intel CPU Help

    I have a Satellite C655-S5212 that I was wanting to upgrade the CPU in. It has a Socket G2 / Socket rPGA988B fitted with an Core i3-2310M currently. When I look up processors with that socket it is showing both Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors. See Here. My question is will this laptop...
  12. T

    can i swop from a sandy bridge to an ivy bridge

    i currently have a i5 2320 and i want to get a i5 3570k but the i5 uses a sandy bridge and the i5 3570k uses a ivy bridge does
  13. K


    I am having a v3-531g with those specs: Intel b960 2.2 ghz sandy bridge GT630M 1gb ddr3 128 bit 4GB DDR3 1300mhz 500GB HDD. So the problem is that if I want to play a game it lags,it doesn t matter the game,even shank2,awesomenauts,etc.In 2 words weak games. When I try to play games like...
  14. S

    Laptop for gaming/school

    So im thinking of getting a new laptop. I have a Dell Studio with a Sandy Bridge i5. I am in highschool so I need a laptop. Battery life wont be such an issue as I can turn my graphics off. I would prefer an nVidia card. I would like to run bf3/4 on med-high at around 60fps if possible. I dont...
  15. D

    Intel i7-2670QM to a Intel i7-3840QM? Is it possible? Need Help!

    Can i upgrade my intel i7-2670QM laptop processor to a Intel i7-3840QM processor? Im was thinking of building a gaming desktop but decided to upgrade my computer processor. But i dont know if it will work or what i have to do.
  16. P

    Laptop: Nehalem i5 or Sb/Ib i3? This is a laptop listing that I was considering because I had only found laptops with i3's that were above 300$, so this i5 laptop piqued my...
  17. T

    So...Haswell is to be Released in June

    source:,20590.html should we expect the Sandy Bridge cpu laptops to have a major price drop in the near future? i saw this the other day (Canada), but it's sold out already. do you think this is...
  18. S

    Laptop Resell Value?

    Hello, I am planning to resell my Asus N53SV-XV1 I purchased Specs: i7 Sandy Bridge 2630Qm upgraded to 12gbs of Ram ddr3 1333mhz Nvidia Gt540m 15.6 Inch 1080p LED 500gb 7200rpm HDD I was thinking of asking for around 400$ but idk. I bought it for 1300$ back when it was brand new last April 2011
  19. A

    Changing Sandy bridge to Ivy Bridge Mobile CPU? (Y570)

    After several attempts at trying to communicate with the 'Tech Support' center for Lenovo, I decided to try a different option. Does anyone over here know if it is possible to replace my i5-2410m (Sandy Bridge) processor with a i7-3615QM (Ivy Bridge) processor? I know I can change it out for...
  20. MFeder

    Sandy Bridge or Ivey bridge. important?

    is there a big difference for student use (occasional movies, word processing, no games, photos, music) between i5 2d and 3d gen? We need a laptop that will be useful for 5 years.
  21. J

    Best laptop under $3,000?

    What's the best laptop I can get for under $3,000? What I'm looking for most is high GPU performance and portability. I'd much rather have ivy bridge over sandy bridge. The best I've seen so far is a Eurocom Racer 2.0 (or Panther 2.0), but it's rather large and clunky and I'm nervous about...
  22. K

    Switching CPU for Sandy Bridge laptops.

    Hi, I have a i7-2670QM ASUS laptop, x53e, the machine gives me decent performance for everything I do except for gaming plus it's kind of bulky. So I was wondering if I get a sandy bridge i3 laptop with Nvidia GT540m, would I be able to switch the cpu of the too machine and still have two...
  23. R

    Good time to buy a laptop?

    So last year was great for system building. Sandy bridge was a success and the 6000 series of ATI rocked as well (unlock into 6970). It was a value year, where with $1000 you could get $2000 perfomance compared to the year before. My laptop is already 4 years old and I think it is time for a...
  24. R

    Upgrade now or wait for Ivy bridge?

    I really want to upgrade my laptop now but It's hard to justify with Ivy bridge launching next month. However I know that it won't hit volume production until June. Does that mean that there will be plenty of reasonably priced laptop available by then like there are now for sandy bridge? Or will...
  25. Marcus Yam

    This is Intel's Vision for the "Smart" Car of the Future

    Drive over a sandy bridge. This is Intel's Vision for the "Smart" Car of the Future : Read more
  26. N

    450 pounds Laptop, PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE :)

    Hi. My name is Andrei, and i would like to buy a laptop. My budged is 450 POUNDS In my new laptop I look for this this things: 1)sandy bridge procesor 2)good screen ( 13, 14 or 15 inch, even if i would prefer a 14 or 13 inch) 3)good keyboard 4)to be a bit portable ( not so heavy or "chunkey")...
  27. D

    Can you upgrade a intel hd graphics to a 2000/3000

    i was wondering if you can upgrade an intel hd graphics(sandy bridge) to a intel hd 2000/3000
  28. doctor hwd

    Expert advice - my planned laptop

    i'm planning fr dell xps- 15" max. resolutn. 1366*768 I3 2330m (sandy bridge) nvidia 525m 1GB 4Gb ddr3 will i b able to play battlefield 3 with medium details.
  29. S

    Sandy Bridge Laptop

    Hello, I am a student at a university for computer science and informatics, and I was hoping some of you forum folks can give me a straight forward answer to my new configuration: 1. A 15,6 inch Acer notebook with an Intel Pentium (Sandy Bridge) B950 2.1 GHz with 2MB L3 cache processor, 4...
  30. bdcrlsn

    Sony Vegas 10 HD Rendering...Bulldozer or Sandy Bridge?

    I am going to be upgrading my computer, now that Bulldozer has been unveiled, and after doing lots of research on the matter, I'm still stuck as to whether I should get a Bulldozer or Sandy Bridge processor. I will be doing some gaming, but my main use is with HD video rendering. Benchmarks...
  31. Ulti

    13.3"±/Under 2kg Sandybridge/Llano Laptop?

    Hey guys, Basically I have a Dell Vostro 3550 (i5 2410M, 8GB DDR3 RAM, SATA3, USB3, HD6630M and 128GB Crucial M4 SSD) but I realised although it's a 15" laptop it's not actually as portable as I thought and due to my poor results in first year uni, I've decided to quit gaming altogether so I...
  32. L

    Solved! Which Laptop should i buy?

    Acer Aspire 4750 CPU Intel® Core™ i5-2410M Memory 2GB DDR3 Memory Storage 640GB 5400RPM SATA Graphics Nvidia GeForce GT 540M 2GB DDR3 VRAM Or MSI FX420 (Sandy Bridge) CPU Intel® Core™ i5-2410M Chipset Intel® HM55 Memory 8GB DDR3 Graphics ATI Radeon HD6470 1GB DDR3 VRAM Storage 500GB...
  33. bigonroad

    Backlit keyboard

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a Sandy Bridge i5 14ish inch laptop with backlit keyboard and a matt screen and a good battery life. Order of importance: 1 Sandy Bridge i5 2 Backlit keys 3 Good battery 4 Matt screen 5 14 inch screen Any laptops I should check out? Ideally would like optical drive...
  34. E

    I3 2310m vs i5 460m

    Should I buy an i3 2310m sandy bridge with hd 3000, or an i5 460m with an nvidia 310m? With a quick google I find that they should be similar performance.
  35. A

    Packard Bell ns44 sandy bridge bug

    Hi, For some reason my laptop model isn't on PB's website. (or acers) It's a EasyNote NS44 i-3 2310m How can I tell if my laptop is effected by the sandy bridge 6-series sata bug? I do have the 6-series chipset but am not sure if it is the new fixed version? It looks like I am using the...
  36. V

    Witcher 2 laggy game on mid class notebook

    Hi. I recently bought my Acer 5750g with i3-2310m sandy bridge, 3 gigs ddr3 and 540m 1 gb. Same day i also bought The Witcher 2, because im an patriot and besides that - that game rocks. My problem is, that the game doesnt want to run. It lags as hell. I've seen ppl playing it with i3-330m and...
  37. M

    Solved! HP Sandy Bridge or New Macbooks?

    Hello, I want to buy a new laptop, but i'm stuck between HP sandy bridge and new macbooks by Apple. I do everything with my computer, including gaming/web browsing/... so I need a laptop that's good for everything. I see that most HP sandy bridge new laptops and new macbooks have almost the...
  38. T

    Sandy Bridge and SLI

    does anyone know of a vendor other than alienware (dell) that offers a sandy bridge platform with SLI ? tried eurocom, exotic, sager malibal ect Looking for 2820qm or 2920xm 2 x 580 gtxm's 250 gb ssd in raid alienware offer similar but price for 2920 and ssd puts build over 7k in australia
  39. dantheman1001

    Solved! Laptop Sandy Bridge CPUs and Throttling

    Hey everyone, I have been doing research into getting a laptop with a midrange discrete graphics card (nVidia GT540M) packed into a small form factor (13 - 14"). Acer, MSI, Asus, and several other manufacturers have laptops that meet this specification, but I have seen a lot of discussions...
  40. E

    Solved! Does toshiba A660-BTN25x use the sandy bridge

    Does the Toshiba laptop A660-BTNx use the sandy bridge?
  41. P

    Advise about Sandy Bridge i3 Laptop purchase

    I am looking for advise about a Sandy Bridge i3 Laptop. I know the processors are quicker than first generation i3s but not sure by how much. There does not appear to be many such laptops available and it would be interesting to know whether any gains due the processors is offset by other...
  42. X

    Solved! Question on sandybridge laptops

    Hi Some While ago I heard that there are some problems with sandybridge chipsets , whereas there are alot of laptops with sandybridge so would i might face a prob if i choose them?
  43. A

    Laptops with 1394 or Express port

    Hey all, Need a new laptop and after looking I see most of the mainline brands don't have 1394 or ExpressPort anymore. Need them for my DV cam, I do videography and need to import from the camcorder. Any ideas on an i7, sandy bridge, Nvidia graphics, 8gig, etc.? Thanks, Jeff
  44. D

    Solved! Laptop Bag Recommendations or Brands?

    Laptop: 15.6 inch DELL XPS 15 Sandy Bridge. HAS A 9 cell battery! (screw the power brick, i'm leaving it at home) Location to be used: College (i'll be dorming) Price: equal or under 40 (willing to purchase online with C. Card, NO paypal) Thank you. I plan to put paper and all those...
  45. kingneptune117

    Solved! Looking for a laptop with sandy bridge...

    Hi everyone, I am going to be a college freshman next year in engineering, so I am looking for a fairly powerful laptop. The ones I have been eyeing so far are these two...
  46. S

    Looking for a tablet PC

    Hello, Im looking to purchase a tablet PC for taking notes in class, play a bit of games in the off time. Prefer to have sandy bridge chip. Any1 know a tablet for these purposes?
  47. G

    Lenovo Y560 or a new Sandy Bridge Latop

    Maybe you lot can help me out of this pickle. Basically im looking to get a new laptop. Currently ive been looking at the Lenovo y560. Its quite cheap especially for the spec, and the graphics card is quite unrivalled for this price. However i dunno if i should dish out 200+ more on a laptop...
  48. D

    Intel GPU 3000 Sandy Bridge ramifications

    What Intel has done with Sandy Bridge GPU 3000 and what it does for video is pretty amazing. Especially considering that they didn't bow down to the graphics manufacturers. I don't know if you can trust AMD's intentions as well given their interests in the ATI/GPU market. I think that the...
  49. I

    Solved! Sandy Bridge based system for design work - $3000 or less

    After looking pretty intently for a laptop last fall, I finally decided to wait after reading that the forthcoming Sandy Bridge systems were likely to offer substantial performance and, as important in my considerations, power efficiency. So now I'm researching again and am dead certain I want...
  50. F

    Solved! Should i wait for new intel sandy bridge or buy sager NP7280 - s1 now?

    should I buy sager NP7280 - S1 now wait for a new intel sandy bridge version ?
  51. spidy

    Solved! ETA for SandyBridge laptops in stores?

    When are the new Sandy Bridge powered laptops going to be available at brick and mortar locations? I just got my laptop approved for exchange at Geek Squad, so i'll be getting ~$1000 gift card for BBY and I want to wait for the new CPU's. Does anyone know when they might be coming out (again)?
  52. 7

    Cheap laptop for sc2?

    hi im looking for a laptop to play sc2 in high... its for school and gaming. im probably buying the laptop around june/july so i have some time to wait... and im looking for a laptop about 15.6" and lower, and the cheapest i found was $1100... with mobile radeon hd 5870...
  53. C

    Solved! Sandy bridge laptop

    i am getting a new laptop in the coming week that i use for cad programs, rendering, and programs like MATLAB. i also game frequently so a good processor an graphics card is important. i am looking at getting at this laptop but was wondering if any of you knew of a different laptop with a Sandy...
  54. V

    Solved! Should I buy an Acer Sandy Bridge Laptop

    Hi I was just wondering if I should buy a sandy bridge laptop right now, currently I've found a good deal in the secondhand market, able to get it brand new in box for around 800USD, retail price in my country is around 950USD or so. So my question is, is it worth it for me to buy it right now...
  55. J

    Solved! Should I wait until this summer to buy a laptop?

    Hello everybody I was wanting to get some opinions on whether I should wait until this summer to buy a new laptop. I am in college now and will be entering medical school within a year and am looking for a medium range-high range laptop that will pretty much act as my desktop. I was going to...
  56. S

    G53SW or G73SW

    Hi everyone, Ive been looking to buy a laptop and have decided to either get the G53SW A1 or the G53SW A1. They are 15.6" and 17.3" respectively. The G53 is 38.1cm X 29cm (WxD) and the G73 is 41.5cm X 32cm. So the G73 is only 3.4cm wider and 3cm deeper. Im not sure when the G53 will be released...
  57. I

    Solved! How good is sandy bridge IGP compared to existing gpus

    i just need to know so if its worth the wait or just get one right now, like is it the same as ati 5750 desktop gpu? thank you.
  58. F

    For those waiting for SandyBridge Fix.,12184.html There's the article from Toms that some may have overlooked. So it looks like, if the chips do start shipping Monday, people may not have to wait until the end of March or mid...
  59. S

    Solved! Buying a gaming laptop, need help

    Hi everyone, I'll try to write this in some kind of order, but as im writing things keep popping into my head that i have to ask. Here goes. I have recently been looking to buy a laptop. Ive looked on a few sites, but looks the best. I am undecided as to whether or not i should get...
  60. T

    $700-$800 Laptop, wait for sandybridge?

    Hello all, I need help with a recommendation for a new laptop for my father. Included below are the requirements. Would it benefit him to wait for the sata bugs to be fixed in sandybridge, or will sandybridge fall outside of his budget? I'm thinking this laptop budget would lean more toward...