eGPU Setup for Acer 4750g


Oct 19, 2016
Hi guys, I have a Acer 4750 G with 14 inch monitor, Core i5-2410M sandy bridge processor, 6 GB(Standard 2GB+4GB) RAM, and GPU Nvidia GT 540M that I can't use it anymore.

So i'm interested to making a external GPU for my laptop, overall i'm pretty understand about the setup of eGPU. But i'm still don't know which devices that worth with my laptop specs, such as GPU that i will use, does the GTX 960 or 970 too overpowered to my laptop later?

Do you have any suggestions which devices i will use to making eGPU?
Since you have an older CPU, and the external video card hardware is limited to PCIe 1x speeds, you will be OK with a lower end card like AMD RX 460 or nVidia 750 Ti.