laptop screen is black when I turn it on


Oct 16, 2013
My Compaq Presario CQ56 screen is black when I turn on my laptop. I can hear it running & the power button lights up but screen does nothing just stays black. It was working when I turned it off to go to school but when I came home & turned it on I got the black screen. How can I fix it? Also a friend tried to hook it up to a monitor so I could still use it but that wouldn't work either. He said it was because of some setting I didn't have turned on before my laptop went to the black screen of death. Is there a way to hook up my laptop to a different screen so I can still use it.

Nikolay Savov

Apr 9, 2013

Take the battery out
Disconnect the power adapter
Wait 5 min.
Connect back the battery & adapter
Start the laptop
If the problem is still there look for Pro Help ....

The next think I`ll do is to test it with external display - VGA, DVI or HDMI
My quess is the mobo GPU or LCD diplay it self .....