Laptop Screen is Black


Mar 8, 2015
Hi, the laptop in question is a new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (7548) with a windows 10, bought this september. While I was running the laptop, the screen suddenly turned off. I tried pressing the ctrl+alt+del, to no avail so i forcefully turned it off by pressing the power button.

I restarted the laptop shortly afterwards, the boot screen did not appear, however the windows loading screen appeared for a few seconds, but then the black screen returned. I rebooted a few times to see if it would work.

Finally I checked out a few solutions in this regard with most suggesting removing the battery and pressing the power button but mine is screwed inside the case, and I'm afraid of voiding the warranty by opening it.

Also I want to mention that I installed the amd crimson last night if that is somehow relevant.

Edit: I left the laptop on after rebooting the last time and the screen came back on. I had kept a system restore point before installing the drivers so i reverted to that one. Still if some one could tell me why my system behaved like it did I would be grateful.

Update: The screen's backlight died a week afterwards. I've since replaced it with a new one. So the previous problem was likely due to this.