Laptop Screen Replacement Only Shows Verticle Lines


Oct 3, 2012
Hi, I'm having an issue with a replacement screen for an HP/Compaq Laptop(CQ60 211-DX). I apologize for the length, but I want to be thorough. What I'm trying to figure out is if the screen I was sent is broken, or if the company sent me the wrong one. Or maybe I've screwed up somewhere. Anyway, the original screen was broken, you could still make out some stuff on it, but it was pretty much shattered. A new screen was ordered(the links I provide are to the screens, but not the site(s) I ordered from):

After plugging it into the laptop though, there was no image, only a bunch of multi-colored vertical lines:

That's at POST, right when the computer turns on. As it goes into Windows, the configuration of lines kind of changes, but still nothing resembling an image. I tried plugging original damaged screen back in, and that seemed to be ok(well, beside the cracked screen of course), so I tried the new screen again and still the same problem. I have removed and reinserted the cable a few times and it doesn't change anything, so I believe the cable is fine. I then checked out the screen a bit more closely and searched some of the serial numbers on the back, and it appears like it might be a different screen. It seems this is the one I received:

Now it was hard to get compatibility information on both these screens, only a few sites had any detailed info and they all were relatively the same. I found the screen listed for the CQ60-211DX, that I ordered, on a few sites and all say it's compatible. The screen that I received shows compatibility for lower CQ models but not the 211DX, except for one site which does list the CQ60-211DX. Looking at the PCB on the screens, it also seems like the one I have is slightly different with an extra port for something on the back.

So that's where I'm at. I would be almost positive I was sent the wrong screen if it wasn't for that one site that did list the CQ60-211DX being compatible. Though I still might think it's not the right one, due to the differences on the PCB and most sites not listing it being compatible with the 211DX. However, this is my first time replacing a screen and I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is due to an incompatible screen type, or if the screen I was sent is broken. I want to be somewhat certain of the problem before I send it back, to make sure they're not just going to send me the wrong one again.

A few things: The company is, and I've already contacted them but am still waiting for a reply(I decided to e-mail and ask before filling out the RMA). I'm also positive that I ordered the 211DX screen as in my order history it says "COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ60-211DX 15.6" LCD SCREEN A+".