Solved! Laptop shut down followed by high fan speed

Jan 10, 2019
Hey there new poster here.

I have an Acer Spin 5 laptop.
I’ve recently been plagued with this issue which I thought was fixed when the Acer service/repair guy told me it was a faulty battery. Replacing it, I thought it was fixed. However, the problem has returned.

What basically happened for the second time now (the first before the battery replacement) is my laptop would shut off, followed by the fan going on high speed. The first time, the fan went on for about half an hour. This time it was only for about 5 minutes. I did press on the reset battery pinhole this second time which I suspect stopped the fan from going on.

Anyway, both times my laptop is completely dead. It seems to not charge as the charging light does not go on.

I have tried disconnecting the internal battery, and then holding down on the power button for 2 minutes. I’ve done this with the battery disconnected and connected but to no success.

It’s probably important to note that the charging adapter did feel quite hot at the time that my laptop shut down. My laptop felt quite hot to the touch as well. At the time it shut down, I was just about to start some work on it. All that was open on my laptop prior to shutting down was just a few internet tabs. I hope I’ve provided enough info and you guys can help. I am quite worried I was milked for some cash for a temporary bandaid fix and that it could actually be a hardware issue