Laptop shutting off randomly

Sep 18, 2018
Hey All,

So I have an issue with my laptop where it will shut off randomly after some time (30 mins to an hour). This never happened before I spilled some coffee on my laptop, it was pure black instant coffee without sugar, creamer, sweetener or anything like that. After I had spilled the coffee, I overturned the laptop within 2 seconds, surprisingly my reflexes were very functional and very fast at that moment. Following that I allowed it to dry for about 12 hours, keep in mind this was this summer, so it was beyond hot and sufficiently warm in order for everything to evaporate. After this the laptop worked perfectly for a month until this started happening. This happened about a month ago, the problem started only recently, within the past week.

I have opened the laptop and checked that both of the fans work properly, except one of them is making a strange sound, a creeking? sound of sorts, nevertheless it seems to work perfectly apart from this. I have also tried out my "Extreme Cooling" function that comes with Lenovo Experience which basically turns turbo mode on on your fans, this works also. So since the fans are working what could be the solution for this problem.

Additional Information: The laptop was bought in November 2017, so it's not old at all, it isn't even a year old yet.

My laptop is:
Lenovo Y720
i7-7700HQ 2.80GHz
GTX 1060 6GB

Please help me if you can as I need this laptop not only for gaming as obvious but also for all of my school work, and I currently don't have the money to buy a new one.


Did you check temps in the system? Sudden shutdowns are not good usually it's a motherboard issue. Not much we can do over the internet, try running it with one RAM stick at a time or with different RAM. Not likely it's a driver issue but trying a factory reset won't hurt (outside of having to reinstall programs and copying your files from backup).
Sep 18, 2018

Sorry for the late update had a lot of work to do this previous week. But anyway I ran some "tests" and I found out that it shuts off randomly without the temperatures being too high, my CPU max temp gets up to 65 max, and as for my GPU the max goes up to 35. While I'm using chrome the temps stay around 33/34 for both CPU and GPU.

One more thing I have noticed is that the sudden shut offs happen when my laptop is plugged in (Not sure whether all sockets or just one specific one which I use, I mention this due to the fact I took my laptop to both the library and class where it was plugged in, but it did not shut off. I will try out more things to maybe narrow the problem down.)

Basically I have noticed that these shut offs may not be related to temperature as much as I though they were.

Also this may be a silly question, but how can I find out whether certain fans are compatible with my laptop? Or can laptop fans be replaced only by the exact same ones that you currently have a.k.a. laptop fans can only be replaced by the default one?
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