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  1. C

    Solved! My tablet won't turn on!

    My tablet has been dead, and i tried to charge it but it did not work. I tried to restart it and it started to flash alot. After it stopped flashing i tried it again, but it wont turn on! HELP ME!
  2. G

    Laptop shutting off randomly

    Hey All, So I have an issue with my laptop where it will shut off randomly after some time (30 mins to an hour). This never happened before I spilled some coffee on my laptop, it was pure black instant coffee without sugar, creamer, sweetener or anything like that. After I had spilled the...
  3. M

    Computer keep restarting and never boots up

    Hello everyone. I have a laptop computer Dell vostro 14, that I reformated and installed new windows with windows 8.1, updated all drivers, everything worked well for a few days. But one morning, when i opened the laptop, it turned on by itself, and kept restarting again and again. I thought may...
  4. G

    How to get the Yes channel to stream

    Roku smart TV The YES channel will not stream It kust flickers "loading live stream" but nothing happens. I followed the steps for a system restart. This did not help. G
  5. S

    Asus GL703GM Random Restarts

    Hi Everyone, My recently acquired laptop model Asus ROG Strix GL703GM has been randomly restarting out of the blue. Now, this happens every couple of days (2-3 days) and usually when im browsing online or working. Never during intensive activities such as gaming or rendering. This has been...
  6. Z

    Sound BlasterX AE-5 - Losing calibration setting after restart

    Hello, so I have this awesome new sound card - Sound BlasterX AE-5, only problem that I encounter is that when I restart PC, all calibration setting are resetting to default and I have to set them up all over again after every restart. I think problem started when I cleaned C:/ disk, with a...
  7. Lutfij

    How To Reboot Windows 7 Laptop

    Rebooting your system is quintessential part of any installation or update process. Be it uninstalling and reinstalling your chipset, management engine interface, onboard raid controller or even you audio device drivers or even some apps that require deep integration like anti viruses, you will...
  8. A

    Acer Apire E5-575G-52DA does not shut down or sleep or restart

    Please help. I have an Acer Aspire E5-575-52DA It was working properly for a long time but today I inserted an old SD card of my uncle to view old pictures and after I view what files are on there, I turned off my laptop but it didn't shut down.. I tried to shut it down again but nothing...
  9. A

    Solved! ASUS Q500A Laptop powers down shortly after start-up (only following drained battery)

    Hi all, I've been having quite a peculiar problem with my laptop lately. Only after the battery has drained to a very low amount (e.g. below 10% or so, or after completely dying), the next time I attempt to start it up, the Asus loading page appears, it starts to bring up the Windows 10 login...
  10. S

    Sleep/Shutdown Restart HP Spectre x360 Convertible

    I have a HP Spectre x360 Convertible 15-bl1XX, running windows 10. Recently, within this week, when it enters sleep mode it will eventually restart and then when i go to open the lid and wake it up it has restarted so all the tabs open are closed. Then when I try to shut it down, it just...
  11. P

    MSI Laptop crashing when playing games but not during stress tests on CPU and GPU

    When I am playing games such as WoW, Destiny 2, Heroes of the storm, PUBG, Ghost Recon Wild lands my laptop will freeze for a few seconds give a variety of crash color screens then promptly restart. The error logs will show that there was an unexpected restart but nothing else. I attempted to...
  12. R

    Laptop Will not Restart

    Lenovo T530 Laptop with Windows 7 restarts perfectly if only on battery or if only on AC adapter (with battery removed). When both battery and AC adapter connected then laptop goes completely dark during a restart except for a fan I can hear. When this happens I can still force a shutdown by...
  13. A

    ASUS Q500A Laptop powers down shortly after start-up (only following drained battery)

    Hi all, I've been having quite a peculiar problem with my laptop lately. Only after the battery has drained to a very low amount (e.g. below 10% or so, or after completely dying), the next time I attempt to start it up, the Asus loading page appears, it starts to bring up the Windows 10 login...
  14. 1

    My Nextbook Tablet will not connect to the internet anywhere. Nothing Works.

    My Nextbook Tablet won't connect to the internet every time I try to connect it says connecting... then instead of connecting it says saved. On occasion, it connects for 3 seconds before shutting off. I tried to reset it and I've tried to reset the router but nothing is working how do I fix this?
  15. N

    Problem With Laptop's Hibernate, Shutdown, Restart,Sleep Mode

    Hello Community i just have installed windows 10 in my laptop few days ago. before that i was using Windows 7 in my laptop. i'm facing issues with Shutdown,Hybernate,Restart things. problem is sometimes when i restart my laptop it gets shutdown and sometimes it only gets restart. and when i...
  16. A

    Laptop Stuck on Restart

    My HP Envy brand new laptop was lagging badly after being used by my very computer illiterate SO while I was at work. Now I cannot get it to do anything. I've tried control, alt, delete...turning off and on... and I'm at a loss. Of course, he says he "didn't do anything" to it, and I have no...
  17. K

    Laptop won't POST after reboot/restart command

    Hi, I have a brand new Lenovo Flex 5 and it won't reboot from Windows 10. It goes to a black screen and the fans running on high. I don't think it is posting. For example, any time there is a Windows automatic update it gets stuck on the reboot. It also won't reboot smoothly all the time if I...
  18. steven37920

    Windows 10 DistributedCOM error and system restart with check disk.

    I have a Dell inspirion laptop that is used for church service. Half way through it will freeze and it has to be rebooted to move past. Once it restarts it goes to a check disk initialization and then goes no farther. I have ran diagnostics and system hardware is fine. In event viewer at the...
  19. A

    Norton Application Error /ROLLBACK

    I bought a new pc couple weeks ago and it came with an ASROCK driver installing CD. I've installed everything including norton, and since then, after half an hour after opening my pc, sometimes after several hours, i get the Application Error /ROLLBACK pop-up. Everytime i close it it restarts my...
  20. D

    Laptop freezes and need hard restart to work again.

    Three weeks ago I bought a new Omen 17 inch laptop. It has a GTX 1070 and an i7 6700 HQ in it and has worked like a charm. But today, I was playing Mass Effect Andromeda and suddenly the computer froze. Mouse wouldn't move, no sound coming from the dialogue nothing. I tried alt-tabbing but...
  21. M

    Solved! Laptop freezes and restarts at random times.

    I have an ASUS ROG g750-jx laptop and for a few months I've been having a problem it just randomly freezing and restarting after some time. This happens everyday throughout the day without fail. I couldn't find a consistent pattern to when it freezes but I can sense that the amount of time...
  22. A

    DELL XPS 13 9343 random shutdowns.

    So i've had this laptop for about a year and a half now. within the last few months i was having thermal trip issues. i replaced the thermal paste and it seems to have fixed that issue and i found no more errors in my logs. Although, the same time that was happening i was also getting random...
  23. F

    Norton Security Scan /Rollback Application Error

    I've been facing a problem recently, involving Norton Security Suite. I recently uninstalled Norton Security Suite, which was provided by my ISP Xfinity. A few days later, i found an icon called Norton Security Suite on my desktop, and a few seconds after that, I received a pop-up. This pop-up...
  24. J

    My lenovo often restart when idle

    Anyone pls help, i have this problem since the first time i bought this laptop,its lenovo g400, first i thought it was windows issue but when i changing to win7 or win8.1 64x, the problem still occur. It only happens when the computer idle, around 20mins less it will automatically restart. But...
  25. R

    My new Asus Laptop is stuck in a restart loop and It wont come out of it. I can use f2 to use utility, but I cant do anything

    Screen Size 17.3 inches Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 Processor 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 RAM 16 GB SO-DIMM Memory Speed 2133 MHz Hard Drive 1 TB mechanical_hard_drive Chipset Brand nvidia Card Description dedicated Wireless Type 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11n Other Technical Details...
  26. M

    Lenovo laptop keeps flashing logo, won't let me do anything

    I'm having a huge issue where when i power on my Lenovo G50-70 laptop, it will slowly boot up, flash the lenovo logo, turn black, and repeat the process infinitely. i have read in similar threads that all i need to do is enter safe mode but the issue is my laptop is refusing to register or...
  27. A

    Need Some Serious Help

    So i gained a bad virus and had to restart my computer, it keeps freezing on 62% so I turned it off and tried again a few more times (He gave me the choice to continue) I thought I could help it out bt deleting some files on the computer my sis had added (Since it used to be her computer) and...
  28. E

    Laptop won't turn on after restart

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my laptop Acer Aspire 5349 (Windows 7) as it won't turn on immediately after restart. It kind of starts booting for one second but something clicks and it turns off, and when I press the power button it acts the same so I have to disconnect the charger and battery...
  29. Jozigal1

    Asus Laptop always restarting from sleeping mode

    I have an asus gl552 vw laptop that is 7 months old. Its running windows 10. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it restarts when in sleep mode!! It is such a pain and im losing work because of this. I have tried every solution i could find on tom's guide. Ive changed hibernating setting...
  30. F

    Laptop no longer turns on

    My Asus laptop was resetting and the AC adapter unplugged. Then the laptop was stuck in a boot loop and wouldn't turn on after that. I removed the battery and held the power button around 5 times and no luck. I checked all the connections and made sure they were intact.
  31. C

    Toshiba laptop keeps on restarting

    Hi, Can somebody please help me on my problem? My laptop keeps on restarting on it's own and sometimes the screen monitor goes glitching (it looks like the matrix) but when i try to run in safe mode the problem will stop. Please, Please help me.
  32. C

    Factory Reset Problem

    Hello, my name is Cade. I factory reset my computer just yesterday. Today I opened up the computer and now all it does is flash from style note to black screen, over and over again. I tried installing my windows 8.1 disc but nothing pops up. And my power button won't work. I know I have a lot...
  33. S

    Factory reset not progressing beyond 33% - Lenovo Laptop, Windows 10

    Hi, I tried to factory reset my laptop (Lenovo, Windows 10). It progressed up to 32% and is stuck there for more than 12 hours. What to do? How can I discontinue the reset and can I start afresh?
  34. R

    Laptop no sound on start up and shuts down after 4-8 mins

    I have a sony laptop this problem begin when i was playing a high end game on my laptop for 4 straight hours and then boom it shuts down and the screen is not working so i used HDMI and screen worked on my tv and then i noticed laptop was not making any sound of start up i opened up the game and...
  35. B

    Router restarting on it's own.

    Greetings, fellas. My router is restarting on it's own without me doing anything, the router's model is Huwaei Echolife HG532. P.S: Power is the only thing remaining whenever it restarts and i didn't know where to put this, so i just posted it here. Feel free to move it anywhere. Thank you...
  36. unlikesuika

    Computer Randomly Shutting Down, without Blue Screen

    As the title of this post indicates, my problem is that my laptop has been shutting down without any BSOD showing up. The event viewer shows that my laptop has had three occasions of ID 41 Error, two of which happened within this week (April 28th, May 3rd) and one of which happened over three...
  37. E

    Having problems uninstalling Nvidia Geforce Experience

    I want to download the latest drivers and for some reason I keep getting this error when its downloading stating, "Installation cannot continue" Then below that it says, "A system restart is required. Restart the system and try again." I have restarted my system and it still does this. I even...
  38. M

    Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Problem

    Hello everyone! I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 GT-S6500D and I have a problem [software problem I think]. Yesterday I used the phone for listening music and facebook, when the batter got low [around 30%] I left it a while, then I wanted to put it on charge, but the phone was kept restarting. I...
  39. T

    Laptop automatically restarts after i shut it down.

    Hi my computer restarts automatically after i shut it down does anyone have a solution? I have an Acer Aspire V5-122P CPU: AMD Quad-Core Processor A6-1450 (1.0GHz) Memory: 4GB DDR3 Memory Battery: 3-Cell Li-ion battery Storage:500 GB HDD Windows7 Please help!
  40. L

    Alcatel One Touch Won't restart?

    My phone, Alcatel One Touch won't restart. It gets to the white loading screen and never passes it, it lags as I try to restart it too. I know it's a virus and I had it before and sent it off and I wiped data/factory reset it and theres still no luck, what should I do? Is there any way I can fix...
  41. Q

    Computer starting programs on its own

    So I've just bought a new PC, and everything is working fine - except this one thing that doesn't really a problem but it's really buggin' me. So I've left my PC over night to download games from Steam for 4 nights now and I've closed Skype, Origin, Hamachi, etc. so it doesn't weight down my...
  42. A

    Restore Toshiba 0 key not working

    My husband put a password on our old toshiba laptop to lend it to a friend. Only he forgets the password. We tried reformatting as we did that for an issue before. We tried the 0 key and it beeps but nothing after that, we tried F11, F10, F8, and f12 and none give us a factory reset option. We...
  43. S

    Why do system restart automatically

    Hello, my system restarts automatically without any message