Sound BlasterX AE-5 - Losing calibration setting after restart

May 27, 2018
Hello, so I have this awesome new sound card - Sound BlasterX AE-5, only problem that I encounter is that when I restart PC, all calibration setting are resetting to default and I have to set them up all over again after every restart.

I think problem started when I cleaned C:/ disk, with a help of windows disc cleaner feature. I must have deleted file which contained all setting.

Sound quality is pretty awful without specific settings and it is real headache to set them up after every restart. I was wondering if there is any way to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance :)

Deleted member 217926

I stopped buying Creative cards 10 years ago due to the terrible driver support. I know that doesn't help you. :p

Hopefully someone with that card will come along with a simple fix. If not maybe ask on the Creative forums?
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