Laptop slow suddenly.

Feb 27, 2018
I have a lenovo thinkpad e560 which I bought in August 2017.Recently my laptop has suddenly started to become extremely slow. The login screen glitches, wifi not working, desktop freezes and whites out, can't type, takes quite some time for an app to open etc.. I have spent hours upon hours trying to fix this yet i still cannot solve the issue. This is what I have done so far:
• used malwarebytes and bitdefender to scan for malware and viruses. About a dozen threats were found but didn't speed up my computer when quarantined and deleted.
• defragmented my disk
• removed useless files and programs, clearing space for my c:/ drive. (250gb available space)
• updated drivers
• rebooted laptop multiple amount of times
• scanned for hardware issues in the bios menu, everything passed.
• laptop not overheating, I even have a heat cooling mat
• used msconfig to disable startup programs
• cleanned/fixed the registry using ccleaner
• checked RAM and only 4-5Gb are being used out of the total 16(15.5)Gb available.
• CPU, Disk and memory are at low usage and the problem still persists.
• In safe mode my laptop is completely okay and there are no problems
• tested with google and found out wifi was not working.
I have browsed over dozens of similar problems people have had as me and still haven't found the solution. I don't know if its a virus undectable by malwarebytes and bitdefender. Any help is appreciated. THANK YOU for taking the time to read this!
Jun 24, 2018
My guess is there is a hardware problem but It could be driver issue, virus, or something else too. Try running Window Memory Diagnostic to eliminate your RAM as a problem. If that passes, I would save all your important files to a USB stick and do either a refresh or clean install of Windows to eliminate software off the list. If that does not fix your problem it is most likely a hardware problem and you might want to look for a replacement.
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