Laptop static, black screen no boot


Mar 15, 2016
I have HP Probook 4720s with i3 processor and 32 bit Windows 7. While working on it, suddenly there was white static or snow on the screen so I force shut it down.
Had to take out battery and hold for 60 seconds so it would boot up. I downoaded new beta driver for that specifical graphics card. After a while it crashed again with white screen.
Took it apart, put some thermal paste over components, everything looks visually OK.
I tried system restore and it helped. After some time it glitched and I decided to update driver through Device Manager. In the middle of update screen turned black with thin orange stripes over it and noise from speakers.
Since than it never reaches bios or logo but stays black on startup. Fan is spinning, hard drive light is not blinking and it tries to boot from CD first.
I tried following:
boot from original Windows CD
boot with HP CD inside
plug external monitor
reset it by pressing power button
took hard drive out and boot
took RAM out and boot (no beeping)
took speakers out
remove CMOS battery for 10 minutes and put it back in

None of the above worked and everytime its just black screen without any beeps or anything.

Is it a hardware problem or could it be that wrong driver got installed?