Solved! Laptop suddenly died while working

Dec 10, 2018
My MSI GE72 6QF was running fine and while I was working suddenly powered off and doesn't power on again. Tried all possible methods I could think of. Removed the battery and held power button and retried. Removed cos battery and tried but no sign of life. No signs of burn or weird smells were there. And it's in a very clean condition. There is no lights coming up when the power adapter is connected. Before it shut down around 10 minutes before I noticed battery was also full. And usually battery lasts at least an hour so can't be that. Out of warranty so in a fix.
Dec 10, 2018
Would it be repairable? No beeps with both RAM out. Checked the CMOS battery and it shows 2.5V and when plugged in with battery removed, the battery +/- terminals show 3.3V. Is that supposed to be like that? 10.86V is the voltage shown on the battery.



Almost anything can be repaired if you put enough time and money into it, but in many cases just replacing things is cheaper. The last resort to get a system motherboard started if it's not booting is to do what you already tried, remove all power form it including cmos battery, hold in the power button for about 30 seconds, plug in wall power only and see if it turns on. If that does not work, next step is get another motherboard, in every case I worked with that has fixed the issue.
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