Laptop suggestions and advice


Aug 9, 2013
So, college starts very soon for me and I was wondering what laptop I should get.
I have looked almost at every site for laptop advice and reviews. Balancing power, battery life, and weight is very difficult in laptops.

Please give me your thoughts on these two systems
Asus: (Supposedly runs for 5.5 hours and has nice features)
Lenovo: (This has a better battery life but it's fairly big and expensive)
Battery life is very important to me and I want something that will last 4-5+ hours.
Also, weight, size, performance, and style are important but battery life is probably my highest priority.
If you have any suggestions, I am all for them. Thanks.

Tama Handika

Jul 2, 2013

Since battery life is very important to you, i DONT think ASUS is the good choice because it only has 4 cells battery.

For perfomance, i think the one you need to see is the VGA. Lenovo use NVS 5400M, which is NOT a good one compared to 750M.

So its a hard choice. If you want to play curren games, i think you should leave Lenovo despite of its battery.

This is their benchmark for current games :

Lenovo :

Good luck :D