Laptop Suggestions for the gaming college student

Lee Morrow

May 31, 2013
I have been searching a lot for a good college laptop that fits my needs, but I haven't quite found what I'm looking for! I would greatly appreciate any advice on devices or other general suggestions.

My interests are mainly college work (not really heavy programs as i am not an engineerimg major) and some gaming. In regards to this, I would like to find a laptop with an i5 and some type of nividia mobile graphics rather than Intel integrated (once again for some gaming...but not extremely intensive gaming) along with 8gb of ram and a 1TB HDD.

I also care quite a bit about the build quality of machines. Weak, flimsy, glossy plastic can easily drive me insane. Also portability is definitely useful and something to be considered.

My budget is about 700-1000 dollars. Is this reasonable for the following goals?

Does anyone have any thoughts on how reasonable this is and what I can expect to be within my budget?

Sorry I really have no experience with the relation Laptop have with cost to specs and quality. I have always loved my desktop.

Thanks in advance!