Laptop to run Virtual Machines 32 GB RAM with 250 GB SSD


Apr 23, 2013

I am a consultant and run software which requires me to run at-least 2 virtual machines each of which require a minimum of 8 GB RAM Each. (so total 16 GB just for VMs).

Since of the VM runs a database, the VMs also do lot of IOs so a solid state disk would be required.

The VMs can get pretty large. The Database VM should be atleast 120GB and the app server VM should be approx. 50GB.

I am looking for a laptop which can meet the above requirements.

Don't want desktop because I travel.

I know there are many threads on this forum regarding this subject but they are either old... or relentless back and forth on "why" does anyone on the planet need 32 GB RAM.

So far my research has pointed me to Lenevo W530. There are few other lessor known vendors like Sager NP9570. But the sager looks very bulky to me.

Are there any more recommendations? findings which perhaps my google searches missed? perhaps something from Samsung (series 9) or any other well designed notebook which can support 32 GB RAM and SSD disk?

Wanted to verify that I have not missed something before clicking the buy button because its quite an investment


Jan 19, 2011


Yeah, I would go with the Dell. Simple and easy.

If you go with the ThinkPad W530, then I recommend you buy a separate SSD of whatever size you wish. You can order the W530 with a standard hard drive and use it as an external backup drive. The SSD you purchase would replace the HDD, but you need to go through the trouble of cloning the OS onto the SSD. Or simply buy it with the 180GB SSD and also buy an ultrabay adapter which allows you to remove the optical drive and insert a SSD (HDD as well) in it's place.

As stated, it's easier to simply go with Dell.
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