Laptop turns on but doesn't start


Dec 16, 2016
Okay guys I need help!
My laptop was perfectly fine this morning when suddenly a light blue screen appeared whiIe I was watching a dvd saying something about my laptop needs to restart and that it will restart automatically but it took too long so i remove the battery and i tried turning it on again. Unfortunately, it won't start. The power is working but the screen is black. I tried hard reset to no avail. I tried accessing bios but i cant. How can i solve this problem? What might be the cause? Help me please!


Jun 10, 2017
Just try removing the RAM from your Laptop and place it Back. Now Power it up and it will work.
If it doesn't wait for some time and power it up again.
If you are still facing the same problem? Then connect your laptop to an external display unit though the vga/hdmi ports. If it shows up! Then the problem is with your visual connection unit.
If it doesn't even start up!
Try changing your RAM. It definitely shows up this time!
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