Question Laptop will not recolonize microphone, even after buying several different brands

Mar 23, 2020
Microphone option does not show up, instead only the computers built in microphone does. I have used a kotion microphone before and it works fine. I have bought 4 headsets of different brands and all have this issue. Kotion does not have a driver on their website so that wont work. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling realtek audio drivers, enabling microphone privacy, tried the set up microphone option and gone through several tutorials with no success, it recognizes my headset but not the microphone, the headset has one jack and my computer has one jack slot. I have used splitters, unsplitters and more. Every headset I have bought has this problem. it is not a problem with the headset but the computer. I have searched for countless tutorials and none work. the computer will only recconize the in system microphone which is awful. In sound settings it does not show up as a microphone but my headset does. anybody else have a solution?