Laptop Will Only Use Intel Graphics


Dec 6, 2012
I'm using an HP Pavilion 15-e048nr laptop with an Intel i7-4702MQ processor with Intel 4600 graphics along with an AMD 8670M GPU.

For some reason, everytime I disable my Intel graphics, I get an error message about my AMD card not having any drivers and I get about 3 fps in WoW.

So I downloaded the latest drivers for my card from AMD's website, which resulted in them installing some sort of "Command Center" program that tried to change all the settings on all my games and did nothing. I again tried disabling the intel graphics and running only on the AMD card, got the same error message about there being no drivers, and 6 fps.

So I enabled the Intel graphics again, and voila, 100+ fps as usual.

I know my video card is better than Intel's integrated graphics, so the performance difference should be substantial, but in the opposite direction. I would expect to get about 6 fps using my processor's integrated graphics, and 100+ using my GPU.

I'm confused, tired, and frustrated. Someone please help.


Nov 17, 2013
Go to devmgmt.msc and check for the display cards. If it lists the AMD card, right click and click on properties. Remove the driver and install a new AMD Radeon beta driver.

Intel HD Graphics isn't too bad. the HD Graphics 3000 on my laptop handled Soldier Front 2 at ~40-50 FPS on medium low graphics (a bit of a slow sluggish yet smooth), and Minecraft at Render distance 8 with nothing else turned on at a solid 60 FPS.


Mar 18, 2014
First download and install the drivers...It once happened to me that my PC wasn't looking the drivers in the right folder, so i did this, right click on desktop, go on screen resolution then enter advanced configuration, it should say which GPU you have active, after that go to properties and on that screen select driver tab, if you see your pc is not looking the drivers where it should change the path and that should work, if your computer is though, then the issue is somewhere else