Laptop with Thunderbolt (PC)


Dec 19, 2013
Hey I'm looking to purchase a DIT (Digital imaging technician)'s laptop. I need thunderbolt on the laptop in order to communicate with certain devices that only work with this tech.

GPU is important for the imaging, and editing/transcoding/coloring.

Would like to have some battery life as well. If I need (2) laptops in order to get this done (have one for the battery length and one for the powerhouse when near an AC that would be ok too.

Thing is I dont want to spend over $2300 for both these machines.

If I get a long duration laptop it must be atleast 15hrs.

I'm looking at MSI/ASUS but dont see a thunderbolt solution here and I hate HPs.

Looking at Lenovo x240 for the duration laptop, and the Toshiba Dynabook (22hrs reportedly).

If there would be a combo of these two things (like a way to switch to lower settings and pull of duration when needed that would be best.

Anyway Let me know what you think I should do.


Jun 25, 2013
The lenovo W540 sounds like an option for you, it is written that it will have thunderbolt and is going to come out next month hopefully, they are excellent laptops with workstation video cards and powerful quad core cpus, as far as battery, you aren't going to get a huge amount with a work station laptop, but the previous generation W530 got 6 hours web surfing with a 9 cell battery, which is pretty nice for a workstation laptop. The screens are pretty nice as well even for being TN panels, 95% gamut, good contrast levels + black levels, the W540 will have a display up to 3k and an IPS display (which means nice viewing angles)

to read more about the specifications on this laptop

the price is going to run pretty high, especially if you get the 3k display, but they are truly powerful laptops with excellent build quality

as far as how much you spend, on average if you get a decent setup with the W540, it would probably run you 1500,
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