Laptop won't boot after installing WIndows 10


Jan 5, 2016
Hey everyone. I recently used my free windows 10 upgrade on my laptop and since then I have not been able to start my laptop. It will turn on and I see the hp or windows screen and if I do nothing it crashes and tries starting up again on a loop. I can try and hit ESC to get to the boot menu but it'll crash and loop on that screen too. Tonight I was able to get into F10, I think, and I'm currently running a Primary Hard Disk Self Test. My laptop is an hp Pavilion dv7 I'm pretty sure.

The problem may lie in Windows 10 itself being not installed properly. The only solution would be do a clean install of Windows 10. If you want to backup your files first you can take the HDD off your laptop then put it into another PC so you can get your files first before doing the clean install of the OS.

Here's how you can create a Windows 10 bootable USB:

And here's how to install Windows 10: