Laptop Won't Connect to Home Wifi Without Wifi Dongle, But is Fine Without on Office Wifi

Mar 14, 2018
Hi all,

We recently got a modem upgrade which entailed a new wifi network and a new password. For some reason, my laptop is the only one that can't connect to the new network. It will show all of the available networks and will TRY to connect to the new one, but it will always end up with a Limited connection.

I had thought that it was due to my wifi card (my laptop is a 4-year old ASUS X550L on Windows 8.1 but it has always worked like a dream) because everything else's gadgets were working, so I bought one and when I installed it, it gave me an option called Wifi 2, which essentially copied the same networks I could see on the main connection (labeled Wifi), and to which I could finally connect to the new network.

When I got to the office, I was surprised to find out that my laptop automatically connected to the office network with no issues, even without the dongle, so it was working fine as per usual. Not a hitch or anything! So my conclusion now is, it's the new network at home. I've tried EVERYTHING. I've read through all the fixes and have tried them all, except for that one fix that mentioned going into CMD and manually deleting the network. (I won't do that unless I have to because I'm afraid to break something -- I'm no techie!)

Please, if you could suggest any other fixes or even WHY this is happening that would be a great help. Although the dongle works fine, it's annoying, because if it gets bumped, the connection is lost, and I don't want to keep using it if I really don't have to.

Fixes I've tried --
1. Forgetting the new network; retyping in the password;
2. Shutting down the router, turning it on again;
3. Shutting down the computer, turning it on agan;
4. CMD > Run as admin > netsh winsock reset > reset laptop
5. Device Manager > checking the drivers/disabling or uninstalling the wifi card
6. Directly connecting to the internet via LAN works

(As I typed this, the dongle got bumped and disconnected me from the wifi and it's SO FRUSTRATING because I'm thinking it's some setting now with the new router but I can't go into it to check)

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!



The ISP support may be able to have you try some things if you contact them, but most security settings are good to leave in place. Having weaker security vs a new wifi card, I'd pick the wifi card.


The drivers or hardware for the onboard WiFi card don't like something in the new router wireless, either you are using a new security setting or there is actually a bug that causes an issue between the two things. You may be able to replace the internal wireless card with a newer model, it should be just a mini PICe card like this

You can also get a small USB wireless card that is easier to use in a laptop
Mar 14, 2018

Mar 14, 2018

thanks for the tips! For the first comment regarding the security setting, is it something that the ISP provider could perhaps look at (since they upgraded the modem automatically without us asking) or is it beyond their purview?



The ISP support may be able to have you try some things if you contact them, but most security settings are good to leave in place. Having weaker security vs a new wifi card, I'd pick the wifi card.
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