Laptop wont connect to TV anymore (VGA)

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Aug 9, 2014
Hi, I need your help fast!
Im having trouble connecting my laptop to TV via VGA cable. A few months ago everything worked fine, in just a few clicks, although I never connected it myself.
I connected the cable to both laptop and TV, and clicked "Extend my Windows..." in settings. After I click apply, nothing happens, and the laptop screen DOES NOT go blank. Nothing happens on the TV either, although I switched it to AV2 as it says, and tried all the other channels.

-laptop is windows XP
-laptop doesnt support HDMI (old)
-TV is Panasonic Viera, less than a year old
-cable isnt broken

EDIT: If I right click desktop/Graphics Options/Output to/Monitor, the laptop screen does go blank, but nothing happens on the TV. Also, when VGA cable is unplugged, the option "Output to" doesnt show anymore. It is also the only way to get the laptop screen back after output.

Thank you!
Not open for further replies.
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