Question Laptop won't turn on (old and new battery) but turn on when the battery is removed and connected to Ac adapter

Dec 27, 2019
I have this problem and tried several solutions. I don't know if the problem is on the battery or the laptop. when I tried to charge the laptop with the original battery, the orange light only blinks once and the laptop doesn't turn on at all. This is also happening to the new battery the I bought earlier. But when I remove the battery and put the charger on the laptop turn on.

I tried the hard reset (30 seconds hold the power button) and deleting the thing on the device manager on the battery section. (I forgot the name) and still, it is not working

Please help me thank you 😅
It could be the battery and it could be the charger.

If the new battery is aftermarket, that could be your problem. They aren't really worth the cheaper cost as they are not always up to specs for the device (even though they say they are for it). In such a case it is better to have an OEM battery.

Now if it is an OEM battery, then I would be looking at the charger. If the charger is not putting out enough power to both charge the battery and start it. If that is the case it will charge it when off, but not when on and may not turn on the laptop at all while the battery needs any charging. If that is the case here, then I would replace the charger.

It could even be a combo of a cheap batter and a bad charger. Other than this, then you are getting into components that aren't as easily replaced and for that I would suggest taking it to a tech.
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