Laptop won't turn on without removing battery putting back in and plugging it in


Oct 4, 2017
So to start its brand new.

I got it a few days ago it's a Asus X405 and I took it apart to look at the insides and see how accessible it would be to install more RAM and put in another SSD but when I put it back together I had a screw left over ( annoying but doubt it has anything to do with it )and it wouldn't turn on.

I took out the battery and put it back in after a few seconds and plugged it in and it would turn on and it doesn't have to be plugged in.

I can restart it but cant turn it off and back on without opening it up taking out the battery, putting it back in and then plugging it then turning it on.

I'm quite into computers (etc) and I would rather do it my self and not take it into a computer repair shop.

I'm very worried.

Any ideas are welcome and thank you in advanced.
If you have to do this and it is brand new, that isn't good. Normally I would say take it back, but not sure you can now. The reason I say that is, you may well have voided the warranty when you took it apart. So any problems you have now, they may not cover.

However you could still contact the manufacturer and see if they can help with the issue (if it is still covered).


Oct 4, 2017

Thanks for the advice I'll contact them and find out and get back to you.

*Update* all they said is that i could take it into one of their repair centers and play money for it to get fixed which i would rather not do. Thanks anyway though
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